The Art And Science of Zettai Ryouiki

First of all, what is Zettai Ryouiki?

To be exact, the term originated from Neon Genesis Evangelion for Absolute Terror Field (AT Field) which powers the Eva units. BUT BUT BUT!!! Our topic right now have nothing to with it, got the idea? Yes or no? Are you sure? Really? Exactly confirm? Alright, good!

Let’s us take a look what others had to say about it:

“Zettai Ryōiki (絶対領域) (lit. Absolute Area/Domain/Region/Territory) is an anime/manga related term for describing the area of bare skin exposed on the thighs between the skirt and socks for female characters.” – Wikipedia

“It’s defined by the area of bare skin seen between a skirt and thigh highs.” – ADD

“絶対領域 today has more to do with knee socks than angst-filled mecha pilots.” – DarkMirage

Absolutely correct! We’re going to discuss about socks!

‘There is a god between the over knee socks and miniskirt’. If Zettai Ryouki is a religion, there must be a prophet! And I know many would agree our Rin-sama have absolute authority to gain this honorable status, I would explain it later for those who’re still confuse.

What are so mesmerizing about Zettai Ryouiki?

“The reason why i think Zettai Ryouiki is so powerful can be explained via analogy. The socks and and skirt are usually darker shades than the skin. Therefore the light skin is a light at the end of a dark tunnel, gleaming in an aura of brilliance. Who wouldn’t want to seek the light? ALWAYS seek the light!” – weew

As for me, I would relate it to human psychology. Let me explain, a naked body may let oneself to go crazy but a body semi covered by clothes (A woman wearing a collar shirt with just 1 button on, a body with semi transparent laced dress and etc.) surprisingly would pump one’s adrenaline into a much higher level. This is because when some important parts were covered, we would start to imagine, gain curious and in the end, attracted.

In a nut shell, when we can’t see something clearly, we tend to look at it more so we could get to know it better. In addition, it is also a moé attribute, similar to megane and nekomimi.

How to achieve Zettai Ryouiki?

Apparently, Zettai Ryouiki is not just about running around with a thigh high socks, we have a draconian rule to adhere. As given, the golden ratio of ultimate Zettai Ryouiki is 4:1:2.5 (length of skirt : zettai ryouiki : length of socks above knee) and the acceptable margin for error is ±25%.

“Memorizing this formula is as important as knowing that π = 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 or 22/7.” – ADD
“The ratios are generally off because it is thought that the ultimate zettai ryouiki would generate so much moé that the equivalent energy would be enough to vaporize the planet.” – DarkMirage

The types of Zettai Ryouiki

There are officially 5 types of Zettai Ryouiki ranking from A to E. Of course, it is a piece of cake to find the worst Grade F (Ankle socks) here, there and everywhere in Malaysia. To make life easier, here is a picture to compare the ranks:

Starting from top..
Grade A – Thigh high socks
Grade B – Over knee sock
Grade C – High socks
Grade D – Three quarter socks
Grade E – Crew socks
and the lowest Grade F – Ankle socks

Another special Grade S can be achieved too. No, not by pulling your socks higher but by combining 3 factors:
1. Grade A – Thigh high socks
2. Twin tails hairstyle
3. Tsundere personality

Trust me, Grade S is the greatest! People would swarm around and adore you and treat you like a god!! Does Grade S exist? Yes, it does! The best example would be Rin Tohsaka (The prophet I mentioned above) and Hiiragi Kagami.

And now the argument starts…

They say Zettai Ryouiki are for girls and only exist in anime and manga. That’s a wrong statement my friend! Zettai Ryouiki DO EXIST in real life. As a prove, look at this picture or spend some of your time googling. I’m sure you can find something good out there.

“That’s just a meido or cosplayer!” Oh really? I heard you. Ever heard about Hirano Aya? Maybe not, but she is a singer and voice actress of the famous Suzumiya Haruhi and Izumi Konata. Not long ago, she released her album and I’m mentioning this because…

See what I mean? Zettai Ryouiki is not purely made for anime, manga, cosplayer or meido! Is a style, a fashion, a symbol, a religion and our PRIDE!! Fine, I guess I’ve gone too far *cough*.

Let’s get back to the first arguement – Zettai Ryouiki are for girls. Would you believe if I say there are boys wearing it? Probably not but again, I’m right. I’m sorry for the football fans out there but..

First, take a deep breathe and replace your jaw and eye balls into the right position. Done? Good. It seems our fellow football stars wear Zettai Ryouiki too! And now you know why David Beckham and Maradona are famous throughout the world. This also proves Zettai Ryouiki had been around for ages (Before the existence of manga and anime I believe).

For the great Zettai Ryouiki

Zettai Ryouiki is a stroke of art! We must spread the LOVEEEE~!! All hail Zettai Ryouiki! All hail Zettai Ryouiki!! All hail Zettai Ryouiki!!!

PS: Visit here if you want to get those sexy legs for Zettai Ryouiki!


29 responses

  1. Very informal! Thank you.

    I’m gonna need to subscribe to your blogs now. Heh.

  2. oh! thanks, what information.

  3. I learn quite a lot! thank you!

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  5. That was a great sermon…. I now believe in the existence of Zettai Ryouiki and the salvation it brought….

    All worship Rin-sama the Holy Prophet !!!

  6. All hail Zettai Ryouiki!
    LOL I have no idea how i came here… must have acc opened a tab :S
    No regrets to coming here though =D

  7. I must say there’s a way to go beyond Grade S but I’m not sure there’s something so perfect even in anime.

    Grade S plus…
    Megane AND nekomimi.

    and if it’s something you like it can even go beyond with the girl dressed as a maid or in a schoolgirl uniform.

    now tell me there’s something better than a nekomimi Maid with glasses and a perfect Grade S Zettai Ryouiki.

    personally I think if some day I find a girl like that in real world I would die happy at that same instant.

  8. AH MY GOD I knew I “liked” Kagami the best (BUT I AM KONATA) [well that just pulls up the KagamiXKonata topic :3]

  9. Do you have a full image of that zettai ryouiki with the striped socks? Or even who the character is?

  10. But I herd that it only counts as Zettai Ryouiki if it’s above the knee, thus grade C doesn’t count. After all, instead of focusing on… you’re looking at the knee.

    Striped or novelty socks are a distraction because then you’re looking at the socks and then you get dizzy instead of looking at the…

  11. What are your best memories of grade school/high school/college/graduate school? Worst memories?

  12. I agree with orange. well not exactly. a true zettai is only grade A but grades B and C are fine if you don’t need a full zettai.

    answering to Short (even if it’ not the place to do so) my best memories are the girls (extra points if they wore short skirts). and the worst the teachers of course. xD

  13. What???
    No love for Kugyu’s character?????????

  14. Me, I'm not gonna tell you. >__ | Reply

    Zettai ryouiki are fun enough to wear (This coming from a teenage girl) But, they’re not very comfortable if they’re only partway up the knee. It’s really itchy and chafe-y. But, I wear ’em anyway, because I don’t have longer. XDD

    1. william wizer | Reply

      ZR is not to be confortable. is to look good.

      ZR is a must for all the cute girls in the world.

      any chance of you uploading a pic of you wearing Grade A ZR?

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  16. Even more discussion (and lots of examples) can be found on TvTropes(dot)org.

  17. I like this, but I believe the appreciation of medial rotation of the hip and knee joints is far more sophisticated.

  18. of course it is. but ZR is a must on a pretty girl.

  19. Hello everybody.
    just one thing I would wish to share about ZR.
    the ratio for grade A is, in my opinion, a bit off.

    the stated ratio is 4:1:2.5 but there’s no explanation, at least here, of why this ratio and not another.

    allow me to write a why.
    the idea is that skirt plus exposed thigh divided by expoed thigh plus stockings over the knee should be phy (also known as the golden ratio)

    phy has been considered since, at least renaissance, to be aesthetically pleasing.

    now… usually phy is calculated with just two numbers that divided result in phy but since we have three sections (skirt, thigh and stockings) we must combine them in some way to get two numbers (in our case we add skirt + thighs to get the longer and thighs + stockings to get the smaller)

    since phy, like pi, is an irrational number (infinite decimals) we can only get an approximation but since human eye has also it’s limits there’s no worry about it.

    you can look at wikipedia for the exact formula for phy but for all our purposes 1.6 is enough of an approximation since it will give us an error margin below a millimeter.

    to get a 1.6 ratio the most precise values for skirt, thigh and stockings would be 13:3:7 instead of the 4:1:2.5 that are suggested as the perfect ZR.

    if you want to compare both ratios this is the easiest way:

    4:1:2.5 is the same as 24:6:15 (all numbers x6)
    13:3:7 is the same as 26:6:14 (all numbers x2)

    as a curious note for mathematical freaks like me… 3, 7, 13 and their sum (23) all are prime numbers.

  20. Now, if Asuka pulled this one off…

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  22. How could you not give credit to the tsundere wonders? a five-man band of grade s zettai Ryouiki – Shana, Louise, Taiga, Nagi and Aria

  23. Awesome article is awesome.

    All hail ZR. XDDDDDDD

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    address and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to finding out about your web page again.

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