5 Apple facts

  • The modern tradition of tossing rice at the happy carpel evolved from an ancient practice of throwing apple at weddings to the relief of newlyweds.
  • For people desiring to know the initial of the person who will be their next relationship, take an apple seed and stick the seeds to your forehead recite the alphabet. The letter you are saying when the seed falls is the initial you seek.
  • In Irish folklore, the apple was peeled in one long continuous piece and thrown over a woman’s left shoulder. If the peel remain unbroken, it will fall in the shape of the initial of her future spouse. If the peel broke, she would remain unmarried.
  • In some places, bobbing for apples is a traditional Halloween activity.
  • In the United States, Denmark and Sweden, an apple (polished) is a traditional gift for a teacher.

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