Telephonophobia activated

After I noticed my cell bill shot high up into the sky and my mum grumbling on me over and over again, I think I got telephonophobia.. I’m pretty much shocked that it cost me around RM168 and 90% of it are roaming calls. I’m speechless, speechless and.. speechless.

Of course, my mum threw me a barrack of questions like, “Did you call to USA and Canada?”, “Why there is Portugal in the bill?”, “Who did you call in Singapore?” and etc. I’m just.. silent since I’m surprised.. The bill includes roaming call I received?! WHY DO I NEED TO PAY WHEN I RECEIVED THE CALLS?!!!

Still, I’m more worried about my friend. I bet his bill will be much higher than me though he said it won’t be a problem for him. I feel guilty, to the extend of I feel like staying away from my cell and throw it somewhere else. Don’t get close to me! GO AWAY!! SHOO!!!

The good news is, my dad visited our house today! My mum showed him the trouble I got into but my dad saved me! He just paid for it and didn’t ask anything from me and my mum just kept quiet. Oh daddy~ You’re my hero~~ *hugs*

For extra, my buddy Yuna asked me to record my voice so she can use it for her cell alarm during curriculum in the school. She claims my voice can wake her up easily though it doesn’t make sense at all.

“起床啦起床咯起床吧起床呀起床哦起床啦~~” <— The script she prepared for me. Is in Chinese and she got it from a novel. It simple means ‘Wake up la, wake up lo, wake up ba, wake up ya, wake up o, wake up la~~’.

Let’s just hope she won’t curse me for waking her up in the next morning, I hope.. Sigh, I got a weird life.


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