Healing Food Ingredients

Thanks to the weather, I’m sure a lot of people are sick (including me). At the same time, I found an article from a newspaper about healing properties of some food. It may not cure you as fast as western medicine but very healthy and natural.


A tea made by infusing the herb in water can be used for cough and bronchitis. Thyme boiled in water and cooled is very effective against inflammation of the throat when gargled 3 times a day. The inflammation will normally disappear in 2 – 5 days.

Common Sage

Soaking it in hot water and use the water to rinse your mouth would relieve the pain from sore throat. If you’re pregnant, don’t try it.


Rosemary can improve blood circulation. Try adding more fresh rosemary or dried rosemary leaves in culinary dishes or tea. However, precaution is necessary for those displaying allergic reaction or prone to epileptic seizure. Avoid consuming large quantities of rosemary especially if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.


Drinking a cup of cranberry juice everyday can reduce chances of urinary tract infections in women.

Chili Peppers

Adding some chili peppers in soup may help in relieving nose blockage.


If it is easy for you to get a cold, you should take in 500~1000mg of vitamin C everyday. You can also drink a glass of fresh lemon juice and ginger tea every morning. Lemon juice shows effectiveness in killing bacteria too, you can use it to wash wounds or stop bleeding.

To clear smells from the refrigerator, put squeezed lemon (after making lemon juice) in every corner in the fridge. Before making lemon juice, soak the lemon in warm water for 20 minutes. It allows you to produce more lemon juice.


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