I’m back!

Ah! It has been a looooooong time since I lay my hands on Granado Espada. *Started to brush off cobwebs around my client* That reminds me of some good old memories <3~

As I was greeting my fellow Halcyonese mates, Kazel shouted..
Eh? He scolded me! And I thought he was going to give me a warm welcome hug or something! Piff! I swear you’re evil! Your heart is black!! I curse you!!!

Still, it was fun to bully the new members and giving nicks to them! I bet they hated me but nevermind, that’s the way of life! *Evil laughs*

Along with the movie Kung Fu Panda, this is a GE version of it. I apologize for not having the white bear suit.

Some of my GE details:
My family name in GE is Vinch. I started to play GE Close Beta around 14th Feb 2007. After staying in jGE for about 2 months, I returned to sgGE for the Open Beta. I started 2 days earlier than the exact date 17th May. I managed to join Yakisoba faction too! Thanks to Sabre and Crimzama (Love both of you <3! *Kisses*). Subsequently, I joined ChocoPoring (Yakisoba disbanded) and then, Halcyon (the final resting place for most of the still active members).

You can find me running around doing nothing either on Vinch or DaVinci, my friend’s account. There is a reason for it, I’m waiting for him to go online so I can get my stuffs back. Vinch is naked at the moment (Not really, but I want her to be pimped!). So~ I have no choice but to poke my beloved DaVinci’s baby until I find the chance to scream at him. Yet, I’m thankful for the time he took to maintain and take care of my Vinch. You too, NightKenshin! *Hugs*

In addition, Andre and his friends wanted to show some love to all the Burogu Blog’s readers! Including you! *Tackles*

-Ends of another random entry by Hera-


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  1. Hera~ Hera~ ❤

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