School Parodies

Case #1:
Jen and I went to buy bubble tea during school curriculum, it was crowded as usual. The auntie took our orders before those that waited for a long time.
Jen: I feel bad for them.
Me: Oh well, this is our last year in this school. They still have 3 to 4 years to buy and drink it.
Jen: Still.. Don’t you think is wrong?
Me: No.
Jen: …

Case #2:
Aoi is coming to Malaysia this Saturday and I decided to use Peacock’s phone to keep in touch with Aoi since my mum took mine.
Peacock: Never!
Me: But Aoi said he will treat us Baskin-Robbins, as in YOU and me.
Peacock: Really? Alright! Use my phone!
Jen: That was easy..
Me: And Peacock’s phone was betrayed by it’s owner.
Peacock: Can’t help it, I want my ice-cream!
Me: Yep, that’s right! Baskin-Robbins for the way!
Jen: ….

Case #3:
I used Suzumiya Haruhi and Ragnarok characters to decorate my Additional Mathematics Project 2008. Just to double check my work, I showed my teacher the sample.
Mrs Lee: *Shows everyone in class* That’s what I call creativity, you will be given extra marks for it.
Student A: Oh my god! Haruhi!
Me: So I’m fine to use it?
Mrs Lee: Yes, go ahead.
Me: Yay! *Turns to Jeff, one of my team members* See? She accepted!
Jeff: What the..
Peacock: But but.. that chibi Haruhi is so ugly..
Me: Just take the sample home. Retype it and put any Haruhi pictures you like. (Peacock is in my team)
Peacock: Of course I will! That chibi Haruhi is a disgrace!

Case #4:
I bumped my Malay teacher while I was walking out of my classroom daydreaming.
Teacher: *Rubbing her right shoulder* That hurts!
Me: OOps! Sorry! I didn’t mean it!
Teacher: You did it purposely, didn’t you?
Me: Nooo!! It was an accident! Sweety, I wouldn’t even dare to hurt you!
Teacher: Lies!
Me: I’m not lying! Teacher, you’re my honey!
*She ignored me and walked away*
Me: Phew, I’m out of trouble now.
Peacock: That’s so lame..

Case #5:
Mr. Tan was sitting near Val and Esther in the bus stop.
Esther: *Whispered to Val* Mr. Tan is so cute!
Val: *Goes near Mr. Tan* Mr. Tan, Esther said you look cute.
Mr. Tan smiled at Esther.
Esther: I’m soooo gonna kill you Val..


2 responses

  1. Haha.It reminds me lots of good memories we had in high school. muahahaha! >:D

  2. LOL! The old memories..!!

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