Enemies of All Mankind!

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(Created by Kebinu)


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  1. hm… interesting… 😛

    If he is there, he had low threat level. maybe low, but maybe had some hundred million bounty (number one playboy of universe you think)!

    Description: Yuuki, Rito aka Most Dependable Playboy in Universe
    Ordinary student which is clumsy, shy, unlucky, and BADASS enough to bang at the list of rape, grope, and ogle victim: Princess of another planet, which conquers the galaxy. Again, two little princess which is her little sister. Then, Princess of another planet, with dual personality. Then again, Goody-two shoes super discipline tsundere, and ultra cute blunette girl along with her lustful blond haired gal, all his CLASSMATE and sometimes ALL STUDENTS or ALL CITIZENS. And his own blood sister, Possibly an assassin as well. Warning: any type of weapon will be blunted in front of his warmth aura and charm, had ability to change gender, and even to face class one assassin with minimal injuries. Not to mention any backup from former-victim he always get in the right time. Possibly lolicon
    Bounty: US$ 105.000.000
    Threat Level: Variable

    So, add him or you’ll be sorry

    1. The picture was taken somewhere. And oh,I won’t be sorry for not having him inside.

    2. The image was taken somewhere. And oh, I won’t be sorry for not having him inside.

  3. “Сделано на совесть, значит на века” – респект. А эт слова центра)))

    1. Yeah Rito Yukki should be number one on the list!
      Also Negi is a VERY POTENTIAL threat Opinion: Kill this too first then move on to the rest
      Also add:
      Tomoki Sakurai from Sora no Otoshimono Bounty : 1000000 Extremely Dangerous
      Bang all angeloids he meet and Also classmate also very destructive defeated the strongest angeloids with the power to decimate planets and he stole my Ikaros!
      Keima Katsuragi A.K.A The capturing god Bounty Bounty : 1000000 Danger Low
      Not much of a fighter but God at capturing young maiden heart in both game and reality (even got both goddesses and angels to fall for him)

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