Tagged? I blame you Razak..

My teacher once said that
Her horoscope is Sun.

Never in my life have I visited…

The one person who can drive me nuts, but then can always make me smile is

When I’m nervous

My hand sweats.

The last time I laughed was
Ryuu chatted with me.

My hair is
Straight, long and soft. Some of my friends like to play with it.

My feet are…
6 in UK size.

Last Christmas

I was in Harbin and it was snowing..

When I turn my head left
I saw the dark past.

When I turn my head right

I noticed Nivy will be here for me.

When I look down
I wish I was gifted.

The craziest recent event was
I think about killing myself.

By the time next year
I will be in college?

One time at a family gathering

My uncle danced.

You know I like-like you if….
I tried to be by your side most of the time.

If I won an award

I knew I’m dreaming

Love triangles?

My ideal breakfast is
Someone made me breakfast..

If you make me really happy
I will remember it.

Where do you plan to visit anytime soon

Boys are

Girls are

I’d stop my wedding if
I realize I don’t love my bridegroom anymore.

I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than
To see someone I love sacrificed in front of me

Most recent thing you’ve bought yourself
Love Novels.

Most recent thing someone else bought you

My least favorite time of day is

The last time I was high
When I saw Konata mascot dancing in my desktop.

The person whom I last talked to told me
To tell him everything if something happened.

I shouldn’t have

Last night
Connie scolded me for calling her during tuition.

There’s this girl I know who
Looks happy most of the time but in fact, she is hurting inside.

There is this guy I know who
I understand I would never forget him for the rest of my life.

I’ll tell the next person who makes me really happy
Thank you.

I’m listening to
Some melancholic piano song..

Last ate my breakfast
Biscuit and milk.

My bedsheets is
Teddy bears.

I smell
Something fishy.

On my table, i have
A computer, some notebooks for gaming, few paper scraps that I forget to threw after colony war in Granado Espada and more.

On my wall, I have
Quad colored wall and lots of night-glow stars.

My full name is
Chan Jin Zen as known as Hera, Vinch, Steam Fish, Hermeia, Corsaadi, Anari, Chipmunk and more.


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  1. got a prob wit me *__* *cracking my fingers… i get all the blame~

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