Windows XP Themes

As promised, Windows XP Themes are here. I will post more next time so please bear with it~! And take note, most words are in mandarin but you can figure it out easily.

Theme: Rozen Maiden
Creator: Unknown

Theme: Fate Stay Night
Creator: ADOL

Theme: Nanairo Drops
Creator: Azurite

Theme: Evangelion
Creator: gpity

Theme: MOthen
Creator: Beta – 10

Just to make life a bit easier, here’s a mini guide for those who can’t read mandarin:

  1. Click on the theme names, you will be redirected to the download site.
  2. Click the link as shown in the red box below.
  3. Click the red box link again to start download. 2 mirror can be found at the green box.

If this is the first time you’re changing Windows XP Theme, read on.

  1. To make the theme works, you need UXTheme Multi-Patcher. This will allow you to use any 3rd party msstyle theme.
  2. Extract the rar files to anywhere you like or X:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\.
  3. You need to manually double click the Windows Theme Files / Windows Visual Style Files to apply the Windows Theme.

12 responses

  1. Vista needs themes too. Except I don’t know how much more bloatware my system can take. Believe it or not, with 3GB of ram it still takes longer to start up than my old XP with 1GB of ram. =(

    Fate theme looks good though.

    1. One year later…


      Well the problem with Vista is that it sucks. You have 3gbs of Memory but Vista already takes up 2 gbs for the pc to run. So honestly you only have 1 or less then 1 gb of memory. Don’t think you can buy yourself some more ran because Vista only goes up to 4gbs of ram.

      The solution. Go back to XP

      1. Or wait for Windows 7.

  2. Why Rozen maiden theme don’t have the .theme file?

  3. Go to the ‘Styles’ Folder, the file you need is inside.

  4. asteg! awesome! i want to modify more. is there any possibility? just can’t get enough 🙂

  5. Nope, there’s no .theme file in the Rozen Maiden theme

  6. for theme having only msstyles file. click this file, then display properties will open. Go to Theme tab, click save as. Put name for that theme. That it easy.

  7. I forgot the thanks.

    Thanks!!! cl_(^L^)

  8. I can’t find the actual link to download the rozen maiden theme! tried the english pack for my xp with no avail:
    if someone would mind walking this retard through how to get it: would be really appreciated.

    1. If any of the links are not working anymore, I’m sorry but it has been a really long time ago since I found them. I don’t have any of the files anymore in my computer and it’ll probably take ages for me to search for it again.

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