Code Geass Image Collection

First of all, I apologize for the ‘missing-in-action’ days. As an apology gift, here’re some Code Geass pictures I collected for quite some time. Some of them are in large resolution so if you have slow connection, be patient~ Click to enlarge by the way~


5 responses

  1. Sankyuu for the pictures! I really liked a lot of them. ^^

  2. wish there was a geass theme for xp as good as these wallpapers.. (sigh)

  3. thankz anyways 6_^

  4. ..i really love code geass..
    ..but i hate the part whEn lrlouch need to sucrifice his life to make area 11 will be free..
    ..i was crying while watching the ending..

  5. Still nothing beats the scene of Rolo dying. for me a guy to frown, Goro Tanaguchi Made sure that he directed it perfectly. and I believe CLAMP being the char designer was what pulled code geass to its success.

    You know sunrise they make gundam animations/mecha animations and for me out of the gundam illustration–they seem pretty boring although story is good, only Gundam seed was worth the art for its change of the traditional gundam illustrations.

    Dont get me wrong though, this just my opinion.

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