The many benifits of Tobacco, without additive

Tobacco has been used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Topical, it has been employed to treat wounds. Internally, it has been used to treat gastric disorders. As a combustible it was often employed as an anti-depressant. Today cigar smokers use it to embrace feelings of relaxation, clarity, stimulation, and creativity.

In WWII cigarettes with high levels of nicotine were put into the kits of US service men. It was believed that the nicotine in strong cigarettes would keep military men alert.

The benefits of tobacco can be seen in its natural production of a neurotoxin named: alkaloid nicotine. Which this neurotoxin is combined with the other ingredients used in pesticides, it is quite effective for the eradication and control of pests.

Another benefit of tobacco has been discovered by scientists. A byproduct of cigarette smoke is carbon- dioxide, which in high doses is lethal. However, scientists have discovered that in low dosages, carbon-dioxide in a person’s bloodstream prevents blood from “clotting”. Blood clots in the bloodstream are the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Inhaling Cigarettes VS. Puffing Cigar

  • It is a fact that some tobaccos utilized for the production of offensive odor producing cigarettes are cultivated with special properties. Some of these properties include growing strains of tobacco with significantly higher amounts of addictive nicotine than found in naturally occurring tobacco.Cigarette producers have admitted to introducing trace amounts of ammonia into the processing of tobacco for finished cigarettes. Ammonia triggers the human brain into receiving a ‘kick’ from nicotine or a ‘jolt’ from artificially high levels of nicotine. This gives the user a short lived rush.It is suspected that induced nicotine and/or other non-natural properties found in cigarettes are directly responsible for addiction as well as a variety of serious health related illness.

  • It is a fact that tobacco utilized for the production of premium, cigars is cultivated in a totally natural way. Tobacco used for these cigars is also fermented several times prior to being hand rolled into finished combustibles.Fermentation is accomplished by placing slightly moistened leaves one on top another in a stack that is usually 3 to 4 feet high. This bale is then covered with a burlap or plastic cover. Temperature is carefully monitored during this process. If the leaves get over 140T, the leaves are remoistened and restacked. This process is repeated two to three times until ammonia and other odors are released, along with chlorophyll and nitrogenous gasses.It is believed that this laborious process dramatically reduces nicotine. This also gives the cigar a pleasant bouquet, marvelous taste and rewarding effect as it is being enjoyed.

Smoking is bad for health!

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