Death Note Quotes

Yagami Light (Kira)

“This world is Rotten. Rotten people should be killed off to cleanse this world.” (1)
“He was someone who deserved to Die.” (1)
“I’m going to change the world.” (1)
“I am Justice!” (2)
“Those who oppose God are Evil!” (2)
“I will erase him.” (4)
“L Do you know Gods of Death love Apples?” (8)
“The real battle starts now.” (10)
“She has to be eliminated.” (13)
“I am Kira.” (14)
“Looks are all that count.”
“I’ll make you trust me. And when you’ve told me everything I need to know, I’ll kill you.” (19)
“You can’t ever win if you’re always on the defensive, to win, you have to attack.” (20)
“I’ve never considered finding that notebook & gaining that power a misfortune.” (22)
“The thing I hate the most is to trample on other people’s good will.” (37)
“After I caught the current Kira, after that…I would become a Kira murderer? Do you see me as such a human being?” (45)
“For murderers, there is no good or evil. I know that” (47)
“Is he talking to himself…?” (51)
“I won… just as planned.” (53)
“In every world, the God’s always make the rules. You will fall before my fake rules, and for the sin of going against the new world’s God, die.” (55)
“Long time no see, Ryuk.” (56)
“Rem, I didn’t think you would go so far.” (57)
“I am going to be the god of the new world.” (58)
“There are a lot of stupid people out there.” (59)
“I’ll kill him.” (66)
“I feel the adrenaline coming on.” (66)
“I must protect my fledging Utopia.” (68)
“If I play my cards right, I can work this to my advantage” (68)
“But you know the saying ‘playing with fire, and you’re bound to get burned.’ I’ll make you regret underestimating L…underestimating me. ” (68)
“I’ll need to appear full of confidence if I’m to take advantage of him.” (68)
“In your eyes lies all happiness for this new world.” (68)
“In the end, L is indeed the greatest detective on earth…” (68)

L (Ryuuzaki)

“I think right now, we’re even in how we’re closed the distance between us.” (10)
“Let’s value our lives.” (11)
“I just can’t stand it when someone’s cell phone rings when I’m talking.” (11)
“Kira is childish and he hates losing… I’m also childish and hate losing.” (11)
“Let’s show him…that the good guys always win.” (11)
“In the end I’ll win.”
“This isn’t divine judgement, it’s the work of some childish killer who’s playing at divine retribution, that’s all.” (18)
“He who moves first always wins.” (20)
“I just can’t sit any other way than this. If I sit the way other people do, my reasoning ability drops by 40%.” (21)
“Risking your life and doing something that could rob you of your life are exact opposites.” (23)
“I don’t like his style… it’s not like Kira at all.” (25)
“God of Death?! Is he saying that Shinigami are real?!” (27)
“Amane’s obsessive love toward Yagami Raito is just about all we’ve figured out.” (36)
“Raito, can you please make Mika-san be quiet.” (37)
“Will you be eating that cake?…say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.” (38)
“If you use your head, you won’t get fat even if you eat sweets.” (38)
“By trying too hard, we put ourselves at a greater risk. Don’t you think so?” (38)
“That hurts.” (38)
“I was playing cynical back then.” (39)
“I haven’t said anything about letting them commit murder…yet…” (39)
“I’ll fall in love with you?” (45)
“My number of friends has increased yet again.” (45)
“…I know that line is a bunch of Bull…” (46)
“It proves that he is becoming rather desperate.” (50)
“What an idiot.” (52)
“Yagami Light… So I wasn’t wrong, but I…” (58)

Soichiro Yagami

“I will not succumb to evil.”
“The real evil is the power to kill people.” (22)
“No…anything obtained by killing people can never bring true happiness.” (22)
“I have a responsiblity as a parent and as the chief of police.” (36)


“You guys hit at the same time. Just call this one a draw.” (45)
“Why are you looking at me? It’s not met” (61)
“Light-kun what do you mean? In Layman’s terms…” (62)

Raye Penber

“Why can’t I remember whose voice this is?” (9)


“I feel like I’m watching a sitcom.”
“That was worth an academy award, Light.” (9)
“Humans are hilarious.” (10)
“For me… apples [are] like cigarettes and liquor for humans. If I’m deprived I go into withdrawals.” (16)
“Apples taste so much better indoors.” (18)
“As a rule they say humans haunted by a shinigami have nothing but misfortune.” (22)
“Hey, all it did was go around in a full circle.” (54)
“Sorry, But… believe it or not I’m a male too…” (56)
“Like hell you do.” (56)
“Hehe. A disaster-struck gamily playing a happy-homey family…this is funny.” (60)
“Well see, it’s rather complicated at the moment.” (60)
“You don’t let up on the eye thing, do you?” (68)
“Heh. Are those the eyes of a man in love?” (68)
“What? I’m going to be possessed by such a poor imbecile?” (71)

Misa Amane

“I hate evil & love justice. I do not consider the police as my enemies, but my allies against evil.” (23)
“I can’t go on in a world without Light.” (45)
“If it’s for Light, I can die without regrets.” (45)
“What do you mean I use my sexual charm!?” (46)


“If you cannot win at the game, if you cannot solve the puzzle, you are just a loser” (61)
“L the second! Pleased to Meet’cha” (63)
“I’m the head of the SPK…let’s see…N!” (63)
“And that’s precisely why it’s so convenient don’t you think?!” (63)
“Things are getting interesting now.” (64)
“Nope. It’s over! Looks like you’re beaten L.” (64)
“You let them take it from right under your nose.” (65)
“It’s not whether it’s feasible or not – it’s what I’m doing.” (65)
“I don’t feel like doing that, L.” (66)
“You, who’ve taken on his name, have managed- well, nothing.” (66)
“I believe I’m being as clear as possible here.” (66)
“He became a murderer the moment he killed the pilot.” (67)
“…It was on purpose. He was taunting me, so to speak.” (67)
“To Mello, it’s like playing a videogame against me, I think. ‘See who gets to Kira, the last boss, first.” (67)
“I don’t know what to say. Now, I think it’s just best to observe closely ” (71)


“I’ll live my own way” (61)
“In the end there is no greater motivation than revenge” (64)
“If anything other than the chopper comes within a 2 mile radius of the spot, you’re both dead.” (64)
“He’s terribly reasonable, this new L.” (64)
“So, how about you tell me right now whom you’d like me to kill, and how, I’ll treat’cha to it.” (67)
“No kidding. So you’ve got no choice but to listen to us.” (67)


“Humans are such ugly creatures.” (37)
“Light Yagami might be as pure as Misa… he was not using the death note for himself, but rather he was using the notebook in order to better humanity as a whole.” (47)
“Light…he can even kill a shinigami, he has surpassed us.” (58)


“Chocolate… is delicious” (70)
“What is this guy? He’s scary even though he’s human.” (70)
“How scary…the second-degree means it’s next to the first-degree agony…” (70)


?: “What is with this L? Seems he can’t do anything by himself.” (64)

Yotsuba Group

“This turned out to be a good business deal, for the both of us.”
“Kira is an existence that the world needs… If the real one doesn’t do it then I will.”

Fun Conversations

“Light: What was it?
L: Nothing. Just another of Matsuda’s unimportant idiocies
Light: Well Matsuda does have that natural ignorance.
Matsuda: Those two know that we can hear them right?” (38)

“Misa: Don’t be shy, Light.
L: Please don’t be shy, Light-kun.
Light: I’m not being shy.
L: Don’t be serious about it either.” (48)

“Light: Then I suppose that when I meet with Misa, it will have to be outside of here.
L: Huh, you want to meet her?.” (55)

“Light: Misa, I want you to know my feelings. I don’t want you to shorten your life by doing the deal, I don’t want to manipulate you like that. I’d rather live a lasting life with you in our ideal world.
Misa (tearing): Light.
Ryuk (thinking): Like hell you do.
Misa (hugs): I’m so glad!
Ryuk (thinking): All this girl does is hug…” (56)

“Mello (after Shidou takes the notebook): The notebook flew by itself.
?: It can’t be.
?: It’s a notebook that kill a human. It’s no suprise if it’s alive.” (70)

“Giovanni: if there is shinigami, I might die, right?
Near: Yes.
Near: if you are scared, I’ll ask Lester to go.
Lester: ………….”


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  1. Death Note Is Awesome!!!!!! And you put all of the best qoutes up, good job!!!!!!

  2. You left out the most important conversation yet!!!!

    L: Now what are we going to do, Misa?
    Misa: We catch Kira, I can’t Imagine life without Light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    L:Yes, life would be very dark!!!

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