Fairy Tales – Lucky Star way!

Ever figure how it would be if Lucky Star dominants fairy tale stories? Let me help you this time!

First, we’ll have a mouse being tortured by Cinderella to meet the prince. She manipulated all crystal shoes in town so whichever crystal shoe used by the prince will fit her foot.

Secondly, the Little Red Riding Hood will be molested by the wolf when she was bringing a bottle of wine for her grandmother. The hunter came along as she heard there’s a moving tree around.

Then, Snow White thought she was kidnapped by 7 dwarfs. After she wore her glasses, she realize the ‘seven’ dwarfs were made out of a dog and a cat, 2 puppets and 3 height below-average human. On the other side, the prince and the witch was actually a twin!

After then,  we will recognize one of the sister of the mermaid was actually a guy and his name is Minoru Shiraishi! As expected by the sea witch, the mermaid turns into bubbles when she saw the prince only reaches her shoulder in terms of height.

Subsequently, we would see a doujin-bird scouting around the fairyland to see yuri scenes. The flower fairies tags around to stalk any victims around too.

Last, we have Chang Er flying to the moon using a man-made cloud as she tortures the rabbits to hold her up!

Happy Mooncake festival everyone!

Don’t swallow too much mooncake or you might throw up everything inside!


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  1. what bizzare story this is o__o’

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