Symptoms of Stroke

A neurosurgeon says :

If he can reach a patient in 3 hours after a stroke attack, he can alter the stroke consequences completely.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to identify a stroke yet it will bring disaster without proper alert. If people around a stroke patient are not able to tell a stroke, he/she will suffer from serious brain injury.

The trick is how to diagnose a stroke and let the patient have treatment within 3 hours after a stroke.

To diagnose a stroke, remember 3 simple steps: STR

A doctor says, if surrounding people can just ask 3 simple questions, It is possible to diagnose a stroke.

S : (Smile)

Ask the patient to smile

T : (Talk)

Request the patient say a simple sentence (It must be reasonable and consecutive), e.g. The weather is sunny today.

R : (Raise)

Ask the patient to raise both hands at the same time.

Another way to diagnose stroke is by asking the patient to extrude his/her tongue. If the  tongue is bending or leaning towards one side, that is also a symptom of stroke.

If the patient can not do either one of the gestures, you should dial 999 or ask for medical help immediately.


2 responses

  1. There are more symptoms, like slept limbs or just an slight absence of sensitivity. It just depends on how wide is the affected area.

    If the stroke affects a quite wide area, the patient can loose consciousness and fall to earth, aggravating the circumstances.

    Early thrombolytic treatment can result in a nearly complete recovery. Past the three hours, you can still recover part of the ischemic tissues until the sixth hour. After the sixth hour you no longer have to hurry. All the ischemic neurons are completely dead.

    BTW. Have you ever seen CAT images of an ischemic brain? They can speak by themselves.

  2. Nope but thanks for the great info ^_^!

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