Go With Your Heart – High School Swansong

I believe many students out there typed their feelings about leaving the the school and start a new life so I guess I’ll write some of my thoughts down as a memory.

In my opinion, high school is not just about less homework, smaller school bag and et cetra. Unlike other countries, Malaysian students are used to spoon fed by the teachers and parents and thus, making them more dependant than learning to accomplish a task themselves. Most of them are being pampered too much to the extend that they treat high school as a joke.

Yes, I truly believe examination results and grades are not too important but at the same time, we must not look down the advantage we’re gaining from it. No employer wants to risk his money and time to hire a not certified employee. With a good qualification, we can use it for our bonus ticket. This is when college comes in and every student split and advance to their dream.

Just like “The Road Not Taken”, we can choose the path where most of the people were taking (Accountancy, Law, Business and such) or the road where less people are going. Certainly, you have much more assurance if you are following the crowd but what if the choice you pick are fields like Art & Design (Like me)? Life is not a fairytale, we have ups and downs. You may be at the top on the world today and fall and fail miserably on the next day.

Get to know all circumstances you’ll be besetting after making your choice, digest them and think. If you know you can endure and overcome the difficulties, follow your heart. Pursuing what you want in life is not a crime but we still need to recognize the harsh cold reality. Use this metaphor I heard: The journey to our dreams are like riding a train. Some missed it (Fail), some get off in the middle and some on the train (Thinking you’re reaching but you never will). There will be only a small fraction of people would actually be in the train and eventually reach their destination.

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? They say everyone of us has the power to attract things we want including to be rich, success and more. A misconception here, intelligence is definitely NOT the recipes for riches. If they do, why the professors in Oxford are not making billions of dollars? Well, the point is, sometimes when we want something badly, we may just lose the chance (Like fishing, the thread would just go ‘poof’!).

From young, we’re being brought up with a culture of working hard to achieve a sanguine of success. I would not say this is wrong cause in fact, it is the solid truth. Yet, to work hard to reach our ultimate goal is a slow, dragging, stressful and difficult. Of course, we do need to work and pursue our dreams cause it won’t fell from the sky or appear out of nowhere but not too hard. Like we’re searching for something, you’ll never find them until you calm down and didn’t think about it.

Also, always remember that we’re merely human beings. We can change our fate but we can’t rewrite our destiny. If we’re not destined for it, we’ll never get it. Alternatively, even if you’re the chosen one and are too reluctant to help yourself, you’ll never have your destiny granted. Not all in the world can achieve their dream at the end of the day but it does not mean we cannot lead a good and happy lifestyle. It all fells into our own attitude and believes.

In a nut shell, this short article is written in the hope of enlighten people who were not just finishing high school but everyone who have a dream and wants to make it a reality. Thank you and all the best to everyone I know or reading this entry.

Seriously, do you think I'll forget this?


5 responses

  1. good job typing it ^^b

  2. Well, it took me 2 hours to summarize my thoughts and type it out. I’m glad that you like it =)

    Thank you for being my slave in the class ^_^ I loved it!

  3. Hehe,true and true!

  4. Vinch this makes me nostalgic. Even now, my high school pals are my best buds.

  5. Sometimes, comparison is not what we should do when it comes to a friend. Each human being is unique and have their own distinctive potential and weakness.

    When you fester your mind about your high school pals are your best buddies, they always will be as you’re making it so with the Law of Attraction. Our life right now is the reflection of what we want in our thoughts.

    This law never reads the word “Don’t want”. So if you’re keep telling yourself ‘you don’t want to be late for work’, the law will read it as ‘I want to be late’. And if this thought manage to overcome your good thoughts of ‘I’ll be on time for work’, then you’ll be late for sure.

    I hope this is not confusing you haha XD!

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