Aion Complete OST (Full Version)

Yep, I found it! Now give me a big hug~ *Cough cough* Fine, I’ll not talk anymore nonsense here. Here it is and full credits goes to Sonixgvn:

Catalog Number: PCSD00277
Release Date: Oct 21, 2008
Release Type: Official Release
Release Price: 16,000.00 KRW
Media Type: CD (1 disc)
Classification: Original Soundtrack
Published by: Endorf Music, Pony Canyon Korea
Composed by: Yang Bang Ean (Ryo Kunihiko)
Arranged by: Yang Bang Ean (Ryo Kunihiko)
Performed by: Yozoh

01 The Tower of Eternity – 永遠の塔 4:02
02 The Wings of Knight – 戦士の翼 (Origa Ver.) 2:54
03 A Fairy of The Peace – 精霊らの歌 4:30
04 Kingdom of Light – 天上の宮殿 4:30
05 Song of Moonlight – 月光の歌 3:24
06 Solid State Battle – 激戦 3:06
07 Death Waltz – 死のワルツ 2:44
08 Magma & Beast – 燃える大地 3:14
09 Blue Forest – 森の明け方 3:13
10 Forgotten Sorrow – 見えない悲しみ (Eng.Ver.) 4:02
11 Step to The Next World – 新世界での跳躍 3:20
12 Darkness in Your Heart – 光る闇 3:28
13 Voices from The Ruins – 荒野の声 4:35
14 Attack The Unsion – 連合軍の反撃 2:17
15 Arabesque – アラベスク 2:12
16 Dream of The Shepherd – 羊飼いの夢 2:59
17 Red Land – 赤い大地 3:40
18 Dark’s Innocence – 闇と純粋 3:30
19 Raging Strings – 猛烈な涙 3:23
20 Flying Dragon – 竜の非常 3:20
21 Heaven’s Gate – 異界の戦場 3:21
22 Forgotten Sorrow – 見えない悲しみ (Kor.Ver) 4:03

Disc length 75:47

Download: (mp3)


(Full Credit goes to Sonixgvn)


16 responses

  1. OMFG! TY! TY! TY! I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOREVER TY HERA TY!! -hugs extremly tight-


  2. Thank you !!! I’ve been looking for it since a while ! Thank you !!! You’re the best !!

  3. Domo arigato! 😉
    I have looking for this since ages.

  4. Finaly I found it huzah i was going to give up soon HUZAH…………………Can`t wait to play AION woot

  5. Can you upload to another host? I can’t use RS T____T

  6. I love you !
    *big hug*
    thank you very much ^^

  7. I was swindled on craigslist by some crook hiding behind a mobile line. Mofo was speechless when I got her name and address and paid a visit lol!

    Phone Search

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  9. Holys**t
    thanks a lot, i’ve been looking for it for a long time…..

  10. hi btw.. what’s the password for the zip file? thanks!

  11. oops! sorry I missed it.. It was already posted. I need to have my eyes checked XD

  12. thx … checked severeal other sites for it … great thing.

  13. been waiting for this since CBT 3 years ago, lol.. thanks man!

  14. Hi. Both links are not working. Please, please could you re-upload or something? Been looking everywhere for this!

  15. Yeah same here.. I really want this but I can’t seem to use any of the links!

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