Hera’s kidnapped to the Philippines!

So where did Hera went for the past 7 days? She fled to Sabah for 3 days and was kidnapped to the Philippines for the next few days!

*Cough and sensed a few bulut bullets coming towards self*

Okay, maybe not.. Instead, I went for a vacation~

My first stop was Sabah and I was pretty much excited as it was the only states I’ve not visit in Malaysia. Results? It was mesmerizing to have a chance to glance both mountain and sea at the same time.

It was fun until.. the sea. After scuba-diving, I went to the seashore and noticed something was hanging on my back shoulder. At first, I thought it was a seaweed so I just grab it and throw it back to the sea. It was too late, I realized that ‘seaweed’ was actually a CRAB! It started to swim towards me. *Eeekk!!* I ran (The water was shallow) and it kept chasing me non stop.. My mum’s friend saw it and laughed and said that’s because I ate too much crab the day before going to the sea so that palm-size fella is trying to take revenge for it’s mates.

Lesson of the story: Don’t eat too much seafood before swimming in the sea.

My next stop was the Philippines! The first thing that caught my attention was the pigs! *Oink Oink*

I saw 3 trucks of pigs along the highway and this is what I saw right after arriving a small town:

I also went to the Jose Rizal’s memorial park. The park was big and the locals were dancing there. Yet, the only statue I fancy is the Virgin Mary (Sorry Jose, you’re still a hero though!). If you have the option, DON’T TRY THE MANGOES SELLING HERE! It was sour to the core.. *Felt pity for my tongue*

Note: Buy the fruits anywhere else but that park, they taste absolutely great! Especially the pineapple, papaya and mango.

I didn’t have the chance to really feel China Town but it is interesting to see horse carriage running around. The tour guide said it was a popular transport in there. In fact, it was the only location I saw it while traveling around the Makati.

There were tricycles too! Here’s the irony part, I saw a cyclist was having a hard time going up the mini bridge slope and it goes backwards! Why? There were 2 adult and a child packed like a tuna tin inside that poor tricycle. I wonder if the passengers inside feel bad about themselves for torturing that skinny cyclist..

We went to the dock where there’s this huge ship resting aside. I didn’t go in but I was told that there was a casino and restaurant inside. At certain times, this ship would sail around the Philippines to visit the islands.

My favourite spot would be the oldest church in the Philippines (Or Manila?). It is around 400 years old and still standing rigidly. The colour was sweet in orange. Since it is Sunday when I visited it, it was very crowded.

I found this silver chariot inside the church. It was beautiful but it is a sad pill to say I didn’t know what is it for (Other than it is used for some ceremonies). *Sits in the corner and emo*

This hand drawn map was the original copy inside the meeting room at the church. I was surprised since it was well-preserved especially the colours. You can still read the names on the map clearly too.

As for this book, I didn’t zoom in when the picture was taken. This book was HUGE! It was around one third of my height! The lyrics of the song is probably in Spanish.

Here’s a trivia! What’s is this in the picture below?

I’ll reveal the answer later~

Shopping was part of the fun (As always)! I went to the Mall of Asia in Pasay City, it wasn’t huge but definitely one of the biggest one in Philippines. What I like is the department store cause you can find a lot of nifty stuff inside and the price is cheap. *Wants to buy more*

The cute side of the Philippines MUST be the mini buses!!! They’re so adorable! According to the info I got, every buses were decorated by their owners and hardly identical to the other. Some of them were very shiny though.. Thanks to the silver plated wall. It really took a while to find a normal looking one.

Bulut bulut bulut~ Bulut is a local snack in the Philippines. After the eggs were laid for 18+ days and the chicks began to form inside, the locals would boil the egg and eat it. My mum didn’t allow me to taste it but at least I got the picture! Trust me, it is not that pretty.

I was lucky to saw one of my favourite breed of dog in Makati too! Siberian Husky is definitely a pet that I would die for! *Excited*

To end this long entry, I would reveal the trivia answer~ No, it is not a street and of course it is not China.. *Wonders how my friend’s brain works*

That’s a cementary. Each of the houses is a tomb. They have 2 around Manila, Christian Cementary and Chinese Cementary. All of them were belonged to the riches. Some of it were double-story high while some even have gardens with angels and more!

There you go!

*Gives souvenir to the readers*


6 responses

  1. Nice post. Next time only eat the ripe mango so your tounge does not get a sour one. The not so ripe ones are brutal.

    Safe travels!

  2. Yes, I learned my lesson. If my memory didn’t fail me, the unripe mangoes in Malaysia was not that awful compare to one I tried in the Philippines..

  3. Hi there ^-^
    just curious” may i ask what is ur nationality”

    i am Filipino who just wants to socialize and have a lot of friends..
    u can send ur feedback through my ym if u want..

    hehehehehe ^-^ chu*


    1. Nice to meet you~ I’m a Malaysian.

  4. VINCH! man! sorry Im not from Manila. Could have gladly accompanied you~

    Anyway next time you decide to come back here again in PH, Visit Cebu! Our Jeepneys are way better than Manila’s IMO haha. Pink- Colored jeepney with Tomb Raider Decals anyone? XD

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the Balut pic haha. It’s quite…nutritious. Hrin had one when she came over I think. lmao.

  5. oi hera why you didnt tell me ure going to manila -___- anyways yea the silver chariot thingys are used for moving the idols during a procession 😀 this one’s in action http://www.marikenya.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/prusisyon-ng-santo-nangka-marikina.png all in all it was a nice read hope you liked your stay here lol godspeed nasi lemak!

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