Aya’s Craze in Malaysia

Yes, we’ve got the news since this morning! Hirano Aya is in Malaysia right now and unfortunately, she would be returning to Japan tomorrow.

Aya-sama in tudung and baju kurung.

We, the forum members of Lowyat.net made quite a heat about it (Yes, I’m one of them~) to the extend of sending people around Kuala Lumpur to get a glimpse of our goddess. Like how the news spread, we used Google Map, analyzed the photos from Aya-sama’s blog, calculated the floors and more.

But!!! I have to give a clear statement here. We, Malaysian (Who involved in the Aya-hunt) are not trying to harm Hirano Aya like how Sankaku portrayed us. We’re just purely excited and those words should not be taken seriously at all. Just put yourself in the same situation on someone you really liked and he/she came to your country for the first time, so close and yet so far from you. I didn’t deny I almost fled to KLCC for her but no one is fetching me so my plan was screwed.

Aya-sama in Baju Kebaya.

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R Operation was summarized in Danny Choo’s post and I totally agree, this is the greatest way to celebrate the last day of year 2008.

Aya-sama in Massage Centre.

Thank you Aya-sama!!

*Tears of joy*


One response

  1. Cool. Sankaku did make it seem very nasty. I wish I had met with her. But I’m not in or from malaysia. oh well. I also wished you could have met with her and take some cool photos. Anyway, just hi to all

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