Food of the Day: Taiwanese Pao

Since I played Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online (IGN: Vynch), I managed to get my first Taiwanese friend (Zion, although you’re my first Hong Kong friend, you still live in US so you’re excluded! Hah!). It was hilarious to chat with them using mandarin cause.. well.. to be honest, for the past 6~7 years of my online life, I never typed mandarin. It was a whole new experience and my mandarin typing skills is getting better. The funny part was, the way they express themselves was different than in English and it made me laughed all the time.

Oh snap! That’s out of the topic! But yes, this article was dedicated to the cute Fishy from Taiwan~ Your food is totally amazing. I want to eat! (I’m gonna punch you if you said I’ll get fat by eating!)

I’ll try to make it into a short story with the pictures I found. So here it goes:

Once upon a time yet not so long ago, there was this man named Mr. Baoz.

He was a marvelous pao chef and he decided to open a restaurant for business.

Sadly, the business didn’t go on well but he didn’t give in. He thought out of the box and the idea came – Put pao in a box with a superb quote on it!

Inside the box was nothing but pretty little tasty paos.

They were so delicious that the customers wanted more and more.

Mr. Baoz tried his best to keep the customers happy by inventing new paos.

Since females like it a lot. Mr. Baos even made pink ones!

His business turned over a new leaf in no time.

Still, new paos was made.

Soon, his paos was written in the internet.

Mr. Baoz was a genius, he made a tiramisu-like pao to attract Hera’s love and he succeeded.

-The End-

(I swear this is one of the lamest story I made..)

And to add a note, this is what I received in msn when I was typing this post. Fish was a psyhic?! It wasn’t even published yet!

Fish says:
Hera✗Yan Ephiphany says:
Wait, updating blog – –
Fish says:
叫親愛低 不然不理妳.哈哈
我要去吃早餐了 吃完才上
Hera✗Yan Ephiphany says:
親愛的 – –


3 responses

  1. First one! I love it and will go to Taiwan as soon as possible!!!

  2. those look so amazing! when are they coming to NYC?

  3. ah! I have been there! Too bad I didn’t get to try them. ;_;

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