Let’s Play Hello Kitty Online!

This outlandish idea was started around late December last year when I was lack of MMORPGs to play. I got bored of the old traditional MMO where yo have to keep killing mobs and such. I found out about this game, and it’s pink (Yes, pink.. and green).

Out of boredom, I have an adrenaline rush trying to test the game out (Ya, seriously). But since the close beta has ended and we’re not allowed to download the client that time, my thoughts were simply shattered. In the mean time, I asked my friends in msn about playing the game with me. Their respond was.. surprising. It was funny and I saved them up so I could post it here.

Sadly, the Hera’s bad habit acted up again and I completely forgot about it. Until now, I happen to dig this file out and share it. So here it is, the incredible responds from my fellow buddies!

Responds to Hera’s  let’s play Hello Kitty Online favor

Colman: ._. Sounds sorta creepy~


Bankai: Erm.. no THANKS

Karas: *Swt* That sucks

Rika: LOL SCREW YOU! NO WAY! Are you crazy


Sabby: WHAT THE FACK? I rather bite my hand off

Nakima: Sounds good to me
Hera: Seriously?
Nakima: Yea, is it actually fun?

Bert: Okay
Hera: For real?
Bert: Ya
Hera: Seriously?
Bert: Ya
Hera: Why are you playing it?
Bert: For fun?
Hera: Tell me the results then
Bert: I will

Hera: Yea
Jelly: LET’S PLAY IT!!

Kuro: Over my dead body

Adrienne: I’ll pass D:

Kouichi: Haha, crazy. Show me the url
Hera: http://www.hellokittyonline.com/us/
Kouichi: I’m looking at it. Is it recently?
Hera: Long time ago..

Aoi: -.-
*Few minutes later*
Aoi: Aeon
Hera: It’s Aion, not Aeon..

Justin: Ew Nuh uh! Don’t wanna. I play Rose again

Kazel: ZzzZZz

Zin: HI! Can i go for strawberry shortcake instead
Hera: LOL Why?
Zin: More lolis
Hera: Give me the url
Zin: Like I would remember. I played Hera MMO too
Hera: I see..
Zin: The torturing of Hera, candle, whip, needles, wooden horse, tubes, eggs..


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