A Normal Day For Hera In SMT Online

I remember I mentioned about Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online (SMT Online) last time in Burogu so.. let me just give a small view on what I did daily in the game. It is not interesting but yet, I never get bored of it. Of course I did a lot of other things but this one is specially dedicated to the dungeon I’m currently leveling right now and probably still for the next few months.

This is what we call a stone (Obviously..). Unlike many other MMORPGs, dungeon in SMT doesn’t stay permanently and we’re required to buy a plate from Yagiya (A red deformed goat standing in front of the stone) to make a dungeon ourselves. Each dungeon is individual and only party members are allowed to go in the same dungeon with you. In another words, there are no one in the dungeon except your party members and you (Say no to ksing, yay!). There are a few dungeons in SMT and the one I’m going is Suginami Tunnel. There are 5 kinds of plate here: Bronze, Silver, Grey, Gold and Kingdom. Grey and Kingdom are quest dungeons so we can’t go in normally except when someone got a plate from the quest npc. The rest are buy-able in Yagiya and the hardest is gold (Which is also the one I’m leveling in).

That white lion is Cerberus and the dead green mane two-headed lion is called Orthus. These two are the most frequent mob appeared in gold. They’re not hard to kill when you’re using Ice since that’s their weakness. See that snowman over there? That’s Jack Frost, another mob in gold but this particular one is a pet of our party member, Solar (That male in White Robe) so it is friendly. His Blizzard Jack Frost is very useful in gold as it’s an ice demon and blocks all attacks from the felines.

This red angel is called Deformed Power, it is one of the most hated mob in the dungeon. No one likes it except when you’re trying to awaken your pet skills. That butterfly man is my pet, Oberon. Like Blizzard Jack Frost, it blocks the felines’ attack accurately. It saved my life numerous of times when I was buffing the party. I love him a lot~~ ❤

This beautiful spell is called Megido, an Almighty element spell (Also called Elementless) for Destruction Magic. An AoE version of it is called Megidoran and it is used by the Powers, it damages quite a lot if you’re not buffed with Ironclad (Which is why we hate Powers, Rawr!!!). Gold bosses are worst, they use Megidoraon (Upgraded AoE version). You could probably get damaged by half of your hp even you’re buffed..

A note, we’re not posing for the screenshot since none of the member in the party know I was taking screenshot when doing the dungeon. If they knew about it, I’m probably going to be killed by them since this special room needs full focus or we die easily. *Runs from Ashura* Oh.. that red avian, it’s called Pheonix. Although it’s only lv36 at starting, it is a good demon in gold (At least for surviving) due to the blocking attacks feature.

As for this last room before arriving to the boss, members with Pheonix, Blizzard Jack Frost, Oberon and such were encouraged to run to the middle and keep AoE the mobs with our pet demons. The reason behind it is, this room only spawns Cerberus, Orthus, Shiisha (A yellow dog) and Fenrir (Grey wolf on the left on my Oberon). You could probably notice the “Block” words when the felines tried to attack the Blizzard Jack Frost.

The red portal is called a Zone Entrance, it is located at every start and end of the dungeon floors for us to teleport. It also auto saves one of your point to revive or login if you’re accidentally disconnected from the game.

That blue man is called Aquan while the Green one is Aero. They’re one of the 4 bosses in the dungeon. Solar always does his job.. luring 2 bosses instead of one..

See what I said? He just get himself killed and now I’m reviving him. * Sigh*

Ah~ I love this screenshot the most. This spell was casted by my Oberon using Fusion Gauge. It does around 18XX~19XX damage on the Erthys boss all the time. That white girl kneeling beside of me is Ashura, the leader of my clan. Trust me, he is evil, evil and nothing but evil!!! Those amulet floating around him is called Amnesia. He always cast it on the bosses so it would prevent the bosses from using AoE attacks and kill us.

When the dungeon has ended, a white light appeared at the center of the room for you to teleport to the stone at the tunnel again. Five green boxes would appeared in front of it and we’re only allowed to get one each. We don’t get much loot from mobs so the boxes are mostly our income from the run. Sadly, for a buffer like me.. I don’t earn as much as the others since half or more of my income goes to buying the mp potions and beads for skills. Yet, I love my job and the game (So is my clan <3).


3 responses

  1. looks good. so you are playing both Hello Kitty Online and this? 😐

    1. Haha, I didn’t play Hello kitty Online at all. Got an urge to play it last time but at the end of the day, I didn’t.

      I’m full time playing SMT haha. Currently lv70. IGN is Vynch.

  2. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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