A Long Post, Maybe?

Before you hide yourself in the dark corner and waning, look here and read this entry. I won’t say this is the most enlightening entry on earth but it may just help you in some way.

We, human beings are small. I’ll tell you the reason by presenting it this way since it is far more interesting~

The size just never end.. Let’s see more!

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky and it’s more than 1000 light years away.

So now.. are you gonna say you’re big? We’re so tiny compare to the universe. Try to wrap your mind around this, this is a view of countless galaxies which are billions of light years away.

This is a close up on one of the region of the picture:

Ask yourself now, how big are the issues that upset you today?

Everything is under control, don’t fret. The more you’re worried, the worst it would be. Be optimistic, be happy and most of all.. SMILE!!!! *Winks*

Hope this entry will cheer you up in some way. I apologize if it gives no effect.


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