Garden -Maxi Single-

Like this song? I know the place to download it!

Catalog Number CFS-012
Release Date Dec 29, 2007
Release Type Official Release
Release Price 1260 JPY
Media Type CD (1 disc)
Classification Vocal
Published by CUFFS
Composed by ANZE HIJIRI
Arranged by ANZE HIJIRI
Performed by Duca
alt Products represented
alt Platforms represented
01 Garden of Love 4:50
02 Distant Dream 4:59
03 Garden of Love (off vocal) 4:51
04 Distant Dream (off vocal) 4:58
Disc length 19:38

pass = sonixgvn

(Taken from sonixvgn)


2 responses

  1. Uwaaaah!! that song ish lovely :3 love it love it love it!! x3

    great blog *thumbs up*

    lalalala~ *downloads* 😀

  2. love this song, too.

    but i was suprised when i found a song sound like “Ai no niwa” : (Amatsuki ED- Namae no nai michi – composed by Yuki Kajiura, performed by Hikita Kaori)

    of course, “ai no niwa” was released first.

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