Hera’s Journey in Aion

If you’re expecting news like US Aion is up, I’m sorry to say no. This is just some experience of mine in the CN Aion which goes OB around 3 weeks ago. I applied English patch on the files so other than CN players name, the rest were all in English.

Surprisingly, I felt in love instantly when I arrived at the login screen. There is only one word to describe Aion – Magnificent! The theme song is very suitable, it pumps your adrenaline somehow.

Due to my clan, I’ve picked Asmodian for my race. I was kinda sad at first when they decided on that but eventually, I grew affinity on Asmodian instead. I still enjoy looking at Elyos from time to time but.. by the time you saw an Elyos in the map, it only means: kill or be killed.

The newbie map in Asmodae is surprisingly pretty compare to my original thoughts (I thought it would look.. poisoned?). And see that tree? If you put your character in the lake, your character would start playing with the water. Is really cute (Not sure about males).

Although this is a low level map, I really like here. It reminds me of Japan as the trees do resemble cherry blossom trees. Personally, I like the ribbits.. (You’ll know them when you play Aion)

And for a tip, it is always good to use flight teleport to enjoy the view. One of the best example would be the above screenshot. Aion’s map are huge and takes time to walk so it is also a decent way to use the flight teleport.

You’ll only arrive at the main city of Asmodae, Pandaemonium when you’re changing your job at lv9. Unlike dark elves city in Rohan Online, here is bright and quite vibrant in a way.

Another city you’ll visit in later levels is Morheim. It is an ice city and you can notice smoke coming out from your character as it breathes. The floating rings are used for your Abyss quest. To be honest, I failed 8 times before passing that quest (I fail in life).

As for this map, I think you’ll only be visiting once in your character’s life time (better take screenshot if you want) for the stigma quest. Stigma is basically a special (and powerful) skill you can use by attaching specific stone into your character. Some of the stigma skills are really useful in leveling or pvp. One should always use them wisely.

Patamor Thicket is a map located in Morheim after you go further down the road. Like I’ve mention, it takes time to walk around in Aion and not all maps give you the privilege to fly. So, you got to master how to glide. To glide, just double press the spacebar button. If you’re in an high area and trying to go to some lower area. Jump from there and glide. With the right control, you can keep on staying in the air until your flight time runs out (Don’t crash from the sky alright?).

As for the screenshot above.. those are some very cute mushrooms bouncing around Patamor Thicket. And a note you need to pay attention on, this area is famous for incoming Elyos. In short, we call here the PK area in CN Aion. I’m not sure if it will be the same in US Aion.

This monster is my favourite so far. She is 23-24 level and attacks using her scarf. She is very cute and makes some weird sound when she spawned. Call me heartless as I’ve been massacring them from level 22 to 25. I’m not sure the amount I’ve killed..

The map above is called Abyss. It is a place where both Asmodian and Elyos can meet and kill each other all the time. Castles can be found here too. It is fun to level up here and get ambushed by flying Elyos.. (Sigh) Abyss is far more beautiful than I thought earlier.

So I guess that’s it for now. Happy reading the long and boring entry of mine! Oh oh, before I forget. I’m a Spirit Master and it is a very interesting job to play with.


12 responses

  1. I want the website! I wanna play too! XD

    1. You sure? You need to pay though.
      $0.53 = 1 hour
      Around $10 = 100 hour
      If you buy 418 hours, you only need to pay $0.18 for an hour.

      Is in USD btw.

  2. Helllllo Hera, ooh, you’re paying for this game? =O

    1. Nope, one of my clannies is paying for me hehe. ^^

  3. Reggy can’t play… q_q

  4. Just dropping by here to commend on the good choice of screenies in this post. ^^
    Too bad my work life prevents me on committing a seriously good mmo like this. I would’ve picked Aion too, since NCSoft’s B&S isn’t ready.

  5. O_O…
    Oh…I guess I`ll have to forget about it…

  6. Hi vinch. Loving your Aion screenies. I have to say the forest area on the 1st batch of screenies looks alot like Ashenvale don’t you think? greens and purples….

  7. Ashenvale sounds familiar.. Where is that lol..

  8. WoW. An Alliance map, land of the Night Elves.

  9. You did an awesome job ive learned alot threw your posts I think the screen shots are awesome and now my bf knows that the asmodians dont just live in a barren waste land.

    1. Haha, I do know many people thought of the barren land (Including me). Glad that your bf changed his mind.

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