Aion Characters

Okay, with the Aion heat hit on me. I spend a few hours playing with the Aion buttons in the character making section. With enough patience and luck, is not hard to make pretty looking characters. So here are some that I made.

This one would be the one I’m using for US Aion. I really like her looks somehow. She is beautiful! (Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so.. ignore me)

This one was made to suit a Cleric so I have her eyes to be innocent and such.

Sometimes, we need a bewitched look. Here it is~ Careful to get hypnotized by her.

For those who’re looking for males. This one is more.. normal looking.

This is the tender male! ❤

This would be the love of my life..

And this is our well-respected Obama (In Asmodian mode).

Now to make the entry more vibrant, I added Elyos too.

This one.. she was blinking her eyes when I take the screenshot. I was pretty much speechless when I realize it.

I call her.. The orange girl.

Does this reminds you of the Korean artist in Winter Sonata? ^^

So that’s it for now~ Have fun.


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