Something About Love

Love may be the most recognized word when it comes to languages. Yet, it is a bitter pill for myself to admit that I don’t fully understand love and I believe many people are no better than me.

The dictionary may give plenty definitions for love but think again, is it possible for those line of sentences to really tell you and let you comprehend the feeling of love? They are just words, practically.

Obviously there are many types of love. Putting family love, friendship and others aside, let’s just talk about the love which referred as mutual affection. We can get the meaning of it easily from almost everywhere in the media, friends and sometimes, environment.

In simplest form, mutual affection means a deep interest you have for a human being. That particular person can exist in different forms, be it either same or different gender, any variation of age, personality and even in any outlandish way that you could have imagine.

From the experience, we know that love can make you do lots of madness action which you’ll probably never knew you could. You could have shout in front of a huge crowd, just to let that person know your feeling. You could have steal and rob, just to get enough money for that person’s medical fee. You could have fight with your best friend, just to make that person totally yours. You could have take a life, just to be with that person forever. Or, you could have even hurt or take that person’s life, just because that person does not belongs to you.

On the good side, you can smile unconsciously all day long without getting tired or knowing the reason. You can think about that person non stop and never get bored of it. You can spend numerous amount of time to think and plan the perfect dinner for that person. You can be so excited that you message everyone you know about that person. You can endure without washing your hand for more than a week as that person had touched it (Okay, maybe not that good afterall?).

Then again, many do realize that when that person is gone, everything would have changed. You would be bathing in tears every night. You would be shutting yourself from the world for a couple of days, weeks or even months. You would feel that your heart has been shattered into pieces. You would wish to throw and break anything on sight. You would tear every letter or pictures which related to that person. You would take that person’s shirt out to smell and feel that person once again.

I’ve read this question long long time ago, it is not a short one. If you have the chance to experience the greatest and memorable love of your life, would you try it? It would be the most joyful and sweetest day that you would have been through BUT with consequences. The relationship won’t last for sure and when it is the end, you would be feeling the worst agony and sorrow, as if you was being dragged to hell. Can you still bear it and say answer yes?

For me, I’ve chosen yes and probably, I’ve been through it and I’m not regretting. At least, if you’re optimistic, you can still look back and smile and remember the long forgotten smile that appeared on your face last time. Yet, there would always be times that you’ll curl yourself up in the corner and weep without reason. Or simply, a feel of emptiness and loneliness gushed through your heart like a black hole. No matter what you’ve choose for the answer of the question, you won’t be wrong, no matter what.

In here, I sincerely wish anyone who’re in love to treasure what you have.

Or if you’re tormented by love, cheer up and remember the good times.
Maybe, just maybe, you’ll break a smile on your face once again someday.


7 responses

  1. i feel like my love being tormented =_=

    1. Then.. try to be optimistic..? Lol..

      *Loves Sunny alot* :3

  2. I like the first picture. Very nostalgic. Did u drew that? I’m surprised at the words you write, given your field of study…maybe you should switch to arts/music.

    1. I didn’t draw the GE picture. It is a Japanese fan art during Valentines’ Day.

      And what makes you think that.. I should go for music lol..? For arts, maybe I do understand.. I think.

  3. wow…..reading through this passage…its kind of remind me back on my own experiences. having been loved and lost is always better then not. 🙂

    but then as the torture of having the love lost, sometimes we will wish we might not have known love, then maybe we wont feel the pain we do.

    anyway, love can only be known by those who have personally go through it. those who have not can only imagine it 🙂

  4. To me I view love as a chemical process in the body. The system inside our body is very intelligent to differentiate what kind of chemical we wanted on that particular moment when you reminded something you lost or just a simple memory flashback will cause these chemical to activate themselves to produce the emotion you wanted to act out.

    When you lose that particular chemical the body produces you will feel uneasy and depress its just as same as a drug addict on the street.

    1. And maybe sooner or later, scientist would find a way to manipulate our own chemicals to create feeling-illusion. It may probably be very useful in investigation or the next devastating weapon against mankind in war?

      Please don’t mind my wild imaginations.

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