Computer Parts – Interesting Way To Reuse

We did heard about recycle and reuse but what about computer parts? I’ll tell you.





CRT Monitor


Also, I do remember a classmate of mine in high school who uses RAM as ruler and key chain at the same time.


Some pictures should not be practice, like the barbecue and having hamster in the CRT Monitor.

Monitor are volatile and you risk explosion or death if you touch the wrong parts.


16 responses

  1. don tell me you do these to ur computer ar XD

  2. i doubt that, ever know that computer part electronic part have toxic

  3. ;o wah… who so crazy arh

  4. That’s an extreme way to reuse unwanted computer parts.

    1. The pictures are just for entertainment.

  5. I was using CD like a mirror too XD
    But..poor hamster T__T

  6. hahaha so cute. i wander where the owner can take the hamster out from the monitor 😛

    1. I’m sure it is possible.

  7. cheap computers | Reply

    I think its funny.

  8. Useful info, nice blog, thanks.

  9. hahahah these are hilariouz!!!!!!!!

  10. I guess most of those pictures are just mockups as most would not be at all practical (eg. the mouse as a dog lead).

  11. Well – nice ideas but mostly not really practical…

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