Some Advices After Meal

Oki doki, there are some harmful habits that we do after meal without even noticing that it is bad for our health. So in here, I’ll like to share some advice I received somewhere.

  • Do not smoke after meal

Experiments prove that smoking a cigarette after meal is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes and results in higher chance in getting cancer.

  • Do not eat fruits immediately

Doing this would result stomach to be swollen by air. The right way should be eating them after 1~2 hours after meal or an hour before meal. Not sure about others but this is a typical habit for Chinese in Malaysia when they’re eating in a restaurant.

  • Do not drink tea after meal

Tea leaves have high content of acid and causes the protein from the consumed food to be harden and difficult to digest.

  • Do not loosen your belt

The act of loosening the belt after meal would easily cause the intestine to tie up and blocked.

  • Don’t bathe after meal

Bathing would improve blood circulation in the body while reducing the amount of blood flow in the stomach area and weaken the digestive system.

  • Do not take a walk

Although it is thought to be good, walking actually prevents the digestive system to absorb the nutrients well.

  • Do not sleep immediately

Quite common, sleeping after meal would make  you get fatter as the energy produced was not used. Also, the food would not be digested properly and results in gastric and probably infection in our intestine.


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  1. You should just hug Reggy after each meal 😀

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