Hera’s Pandora Saga Adventure

To be honest, Pandora Saga is not a bad game until the hosting company myRosso for M’sian version messed it all up with their overpriced item mall items. Anyhow, I’ll just state what I’ve been doing during the missing in action days from Burogu though I know most people are used to my habit. *Winks*

There are a total of six races in Pandora Saga which are Human, Elf, Dwarf, Myrine, Enkidu and Lapin. After playing the game for some time, I’ve noticed that Dwarfs are close to extinction (Yes, seriously). Elves are generally shorter than Human and very adorable while Myrines remind me of Asmodians in Aion Online for their skin colour. They’re very sexy with big boobies but epic turn down when you look at their over-sized hips (My bad, I sounded like some perverted guy now). Enkidus look like some red-skinned warrior with too-muscular body and tiny leg which I’ve totally no comment on them at all. Now for the best part, Lapins! They’re cute, cute and CUTE!!! They’re very short, only reaching Myrine’s (Tallest race) knee. Also, they got flat bunny ears and big eyes too.

Personally, I’ve picked Elf and became a Wizard named Vynch. I wanted to be a Lapin but it seems that the client I’ve downloaded contains graphic error and every Lapins are invisible to me. I spend around a week of my life with floating names in the game. Another character was Snipewolf, a Myrine Archer.

There are a total of 3 nations to be picked: Empire, Union and Kingdom. Players must join either one of them to be able to advance their job at level 20. For Vynch and Snipewolf, they went for Union along with my fellow Aetherius clan members. Here are my views on each of the nations in the current game state:

  • Empire and Union are allies and their aim is to crush Kingdom by teaming and helping each other in every Epic War (Weekly war event) and even PK Maps.
  • Union got the least players compare to the other two nations while Kingdom’s player number is mushrooming like Zergs.
  • Kingdom loves to run to their base in PK Map and yells to the enemies to come in and kill them (Please be noted that the base was guarded by a level 99 npc which are capable to run 4x faster than normal player speed and one hit knockout any people on sight).
  • In terms of farming PK Arena points, Empire is much more active compare to the other two.
  • Union loves to stuck themselves on killing spiders and resulting most player rerolled as Mage or Archers. You can hardly see a Priest.

The leveling in Pandora Saga is not too bad when you get used to their system and abuse what you have legally. For new players, I’ll said it is a challenge without the help of high level players. Take myself as example when I was in Vynch, it took me 2-3 days to hit level 20. Yet on my 3rd character Nivy, she only took about 4-6 hours to hit level 20 with some special help. See how it makes the differences now?

The monsters in game are given minor changes depending on the game time (Day or Night). At night, skeletons, zombies, bats and et cetera will spawn in the map. Maps are generally consider more dangerous at night time but in some cases, players love night more as it gives better chance to farm gold and experience. So far, I don’t see any moon among the skies when it is at night (Sadly). As for bosses, they come in different sizes and some can be very huge (Well.. yes).

Now, for the PK Map I’ve mentioned earlier. Most people suggest to go there in full party or with a healer to you can survive better. As for my experience, I rather go there in a party of only two players – Archer and Wizard. The reason is simple, I get far more and better loots than I did in a full party. I know many would say that it is impossible to survive but looking at I’m going to quit this game soon, I’ll reveal how it is done. Look at the screenshot below and you’ll notice only 2 player (Archer and Wizard). Did you saw the white gas on the ground lining up? That’s the key.

Archer is in charge of putting traps (Around 2-4 or even 5 depending on the monster level) in a straight line and luring the monster. Both of the players need to be behind the traps so the trapped monster can never touch and attack them. Wizard doesn’t just deal damage on the monster, you need to prepare to run for your life if anything goes wrong (Which also require yourself to know the map well and avoid any monster on sight).

The archer MUST make sure the wizard is buffed with movement speed all the time so when the trap fails, the archer will use invisible while the wizard runs. When the wizard is fleeing, the archer needs to chase the monster and put a trap in front of it to stop it OR put a trap behind and you need to aggro the monster to attack you while you lure it to the trap. If either of them is too hard to be done, you’ll just have to wait until the monster stop chasing the wizard.

It is highly recommended that the wizard learn Heal (Kindness 8 ) to minimize the down time of the party on sitting to regenerate HP. A level 40 Wizard with Kindness 8 (Max pro-efficiency), 90+9 int can heal for 235 HP each time. About Mana Shield, I didn’t learn any so I’ll leave it open for discussion whether it is useful. Anyhow for reminder, the monsters can still kill the wizard (Even archer) easily by dealing only 1-2 hits.

And oh, please be noted that the traps only work for ground monsters. Flying ones like Demon Night, Decapitator and Anubis are immune to it. I’ll suggest you to avoid killing Decapitator and Anubis (This is a boss, duh!). As for Demon Night, as long as the wizard keeps healing the archer non-stop, killing it is not a big problem. Or, there is a trick to make it only attack with skills so it will damage the player much lesser than usual. Still, I apologize that I couldn’t reveal it and is your own homework to find it out yourself.

Till then, happy farming and leveling in Pandora Saga.


6 responses

  1. 2-3 days for lvl 20 ??? o.O
    You must have been in alot of parties then, sure way to miss some lower lvl quest content i think?
    I’m doing all the quests i can do solo and am lvl 14 atm in about 2-3 days.

  2. Thats some great information there, very informative thank you.

  3. hi, long time no c, ald stop playing for long time right? haha third patch not out yet. and aetherius is no more in union, there are no reason for u to come back to union but its quite good that u keep this game fresh again, coz the situation of the game is different from the old time now. hope to c u again.

    1. Yes, I heard the news from my guildies who still log in the game from time to time.

      Still, thanks for the heads up.

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    1. Thank you for liking my blog.

      You may be surprised but most of the info I post (Exclude the self experiences) are the results of chain mails and random website surfing. ^^

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