Changing Aion voice into Japanese

I’ve heard the English voice and it makes me wanna puke.

Hear the Japanese ones:

Like it? I found the way to get the voice pack. (I did that in other game, Granado Espada and it works fine).

Still, change at your own risk. Or at least, make a back up aright? I won’t be responsible for any errors.

To fully give credits to the owner, I’ll provide the link:
>>Click Here<<

More reasons for Japanese voice:

In addition, I’ll show you the Taiwan ones:

And this AWFUL LIFELESS English version:


4 responses

  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL -Can’t stop laughing-

  2. The japanese version has an all star cast :\
    Either way.. english voice-overs are usually terrible in any game.

  3. English dubbing is always always terrible…..even in anime

    I wonder if Americans really have professional voice actors.

  4. The sad thing is, sometimes even when big name actors are actually hired to do the voice acting they don’t always give it their all. Armitage the III is an example they had elizabeth berkly and keifer southerland and though i liked it i recently rewatched it and it was rather flat and these are otherwise good actors. i believe they’ve even done good voice acting later so i don’t get what their issue was in this movie.

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