Drowning self in Aion

Oh yes oh yes, I’m not dead! In fact, I’m perfectly well and healthy and active and bouncing and… *Got hit by an incoming tomato*

Fine, let’s get back to the topic! Aion has become live like 2 weeks ago and I know many fans are infesting themselves inside the game (Including me). This is not the first time for me to play Aion but I’ll just summarize what I did.

I did not woke up and login at 3am on the first day (Different time zone) so my friend helped me to do so and I’m supposed to sleep very very well until 6am.. which I did and regretted. When I decided to login my alternate account Vinch (Vynch was main and friend still playing so I use another ID), all I got was:

Oh yea, it was fabulous. That 2 hours and a half queue time actually made me stare on the screen for the next 5-6 hours. When I manage to login (It was like 12pm?), I just wander around and PM my friend who was using my main character to check on the progress.

When I was gathering Aether in Altgard with Vinch, I spotted the legendary.. halo whale! Luckily it didn’t fly/swim/float fast so I manage to find a good spot to take the screenshot. I do want to get near it but looking at my poor and limited flight time, I didn’t.

Time passed quite fast and everything went quite well. I met new friends (Cake, Seicami <3, Santa, Flower and etc), got ganked and chased and obviously, I leveled. Also, my legion Synergy allied with Tasogare. We went to test raid in Artifact together while I dragged that tasty cake with me.

Other than that, nothing special really happened except one thing – God stone. I’ve no idea what happen, I was leveling at lv41-42 Harpies in Beluslan and got it as a loot. *Shrugs* I’m not sure if God stone is a global drop or mob specified so I think if you want, you can try them.

Now this is probably the end of my current post. I also realized that I didn’t took many screenshot during Aion live, so forgive me.

And oh, if you’re wondering, I’m Vynch from Zikel server. You could probably stalk me at times (Hope not).


6 responses

  1. play and play and play

  2. Yay for no life.

    1. Is okay. I love Aion.

  3. I`ll start palying Aion after my final exam. Hope i`m not in the wrong server again… T_T

    1. 15USD per month.
      Zikel server.

  4. I don’t mind.As long as I can play da game! >:D

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