Some Updates on me in Aion

Uh, lack of updates again. And yea, you just have to expect I’m back for more topics about Aion. *Do Stone Skin before anyone throws a cake to me*

Well, you’ll have to bear with me cause I treat the post as my personal journal too! *Evades the incoming dagger by Wozie*

It’s been quite some time since Vynch hit max level in Aion, yet it seems that you can’t really relax. Currently, Vynch are farming Abyss Point and leveling crafting almost everyday. Then, I’ll be doing campaign and pestering Moe from time to time.

While as for Vinch’s case, she is semi Aether gathering and leveling which is progressing very slowly, only level 19 now. (Vinch: Well, you spend too much time on my sis and not me! Pfft!! *Shoots an arrow to Hera*)

Of course, other than the busy and boring activities, there are times where you have fun like head butting each other in mushroom form after jumping around in the Black Claw Village. How sweet it is!

Also, how can I forgot I was getting bitten horribly by a huge and “wise” turtle under the sea in the so called Alukina’s Palace. I blame you, Moe.

Sadly, with the poor internet connection I got these days, I didn’t do anything much. On the bright side, it gives me a reason to update Burogu with random screenshot I took when I was bored. There wasn’t much to see though.

As for Abyss, there are Elyos zerging around as usual which we’re very very used to it. Still, I would say it usually does more than just entertainment. There is still a good news, Synergy got it’s first fortress after so long, congratulation! *Hands out flower to everyone*

Also, I’ve been wondering how could I get the Wind Spirit headgear.. Somehow, I just want to see how Vynch looks like with it.

That’s it for now. Hera, signing off~


7 responses

  1. whoa what pet is that on the first picture?! i have a spirit master too lvl 29 elyious thou >.>

    1. Magma. lv50 spirit for Asmodian.

      Elyos would get Tempest.

  2. @_@ wah cool game. You have so much time playing arh. Having sem break?

    1. Not anymore. It took 21 days to hit lv50. *Nods*

  3. ahhh really very cool! iam onl 31 xD yours looks awesome!

  4. Nice informative blog. Wats the fastest to level 20?

  5. In level 23 now. 7 more to beat a whole lot of friends… 🙂

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