Sims 3 Picture Addict

Alright, I got inspired a few days ago by Changvivin‘s Sims and her way of taking pictures.

I decided to remake some of her models (By referencing the pictures in her blog) and here are some results:

And yes, there goes a blog post with full of pictures.. -Hides behind somewhere to shield the incoming missles-


4 responses

  1. The girl kinda look likes Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.

  2. omg this is what im looking for!! pls pls tell me what skintone is this.. email it to me @ .. that will save my life!! i love changvivin’s model as well.. pls pls

    1. Replied in your email.

      For the rest who wishes to know, you can always refer here:

  3. quero saber como baixar !

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