2010 + Kagalin + APH = A Good Year?

Don’t really wanna do it (Since you’ve probably read/heard this 3 word for more than 329567295 times today) but still, happy new year to all of you.

To make the first Burogu post for year 2010 more interesting, I shall share some artwork that I found a few minutes ago. All of them are the works of Kagalin.

Another note is, I only picked up the ones related to an anime series called Axis Power Hetalia. Although the story are based on WWII, it is a comedy anime and very enjoyable. Each episode last only about 4-5 minutes by the way.

A special message to my animal kingdom’s friend Peacock:
“All of them are specially for you too! You know what am I saying right?”

Actually, I do have a very large scan version of the artworks. You can find those in his/her blog (Not the gallery section) but it’s fully in Chinese.

Last but not the least, a very belated Merry Christmas too.

*Runs with my helmet on*


3 responses

  1. Thanks! xD

    Chinaaaaa~~~~~~ *hugs*

    1. You’re welcome, my lovely peacock. ^^

  2. wooo nice artworks from Kagalin !

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