Sims 3 Character Download

Due to the demands from people requesting to download my Sims character, I decided to share it.

Before download, I’ll have to remind that they’re made using:

  • Sims 3 World Adventure 1.8/2.3 version
  • Awesomemod x5 slider
  • Asian skins by 234jiao (Download here)

Since 2 of the Sims character I made used some default Sims 3 clothings from World Adventure expansion pack, I’m not sure what would happen if you don’t have it installed (It probably would just reset the clothes to some random clothes). If there are any problem regarding this problem being reported, I would upload another version that does not include any World Adventure items.

As for Awesomemod, it would be fine without it BUT if you’re going to move the body and facial slider without Awesomemod, all the settings would bounce back to normal. So yea, it is recommended to have it installed. You can download it here.

For Asian skins by 234jiao, it is not compulsory to have it though I’ll recommend you to get it . In fact, using Peggy Skins would be fine either way if you prefer that version. In case you didn’t see the download link.. this is it.

If you’re new to installing custom content, please refer here.

Sachi Aranai

Name: Sachi Aranai
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Athletic, Charismatic, Flirty, Genius, Hopeless Romantic
Life Time Wish: Super Popular
Favorites: Lobster Terminator, Electronica, Grey

Download Sachi Aranai (Hair included)
Additional notes: Used World Adventure default clothing.
Used Custom Content for makeup (Please download yourself):
Romantic Eye by Changvivin
Moisture Sheer lipstick by Changvivin

Shura Renesi

Name: Shura Renesi
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Charismatic, Genius, Great Kisser, Perfectionist, Schmoozer
Life Time Wish: Leader of the Free World
Favorites: Tri-steak, Classical, Orange

Download Shura Reseni (Hair included)
Additional notes: Used World Adventure default clothing.
Used Custom Content for Makeup (Please download yourself):
Elf Lipstick by Changvivin
Instensive Eye by Changvivin

Cheshire Elysee

Name: Cheshire Elysee
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Artistic, Bookworm, Computer Whiz, Genius, Good
Life Time Wish: Master of the Arts
Favorites: Cookie, Pop, Red

Download Cheshire Elysee (Hair included + a bonus hair)
Used Custom Content for clothes and make up (Please download yourself):
Swimwear by RoseSim
Everyday dress by RoseSim
Everyday dress new mesh by RoseSim
Skirt by RoseSim
Earring 01 by RoseSim
Earring 02 by RoseSim
Earring 03 by RoseSim
Moisture Sheer lipstick by Changvivin
Fantastic Eye by Changvivin

22 responses

  1. Thank you ! I love it !!

  2. WOW!!! Thank you!!

  3. Thank you very much! They’re so pretty!!

  4. :(.. can you convert them into helpermonkey? T_T… i really want them…

  5. OMy, I really love these sims! Especially the Cheshire sim, but sadly I can’t handle the pakcage files cry This means I’m not able to download it! Sad Do you think you maybe could upload the sims3pack file? Or a folder with all the hair and stuff so I can get the whole bundle? I would really be grateful, although I do understand if you don’t want to do it.

    1. I’m sorry but I have no idea how to make it into sim3pack file. If you find a guide, I’ll see what I can do for it. =)

  6. I downloaded the “Fantastic Eyes” and installed it and it’s not showing up in the game…where are the eyes located in the game?

    1. If my memory didn’t fail me, they’re located at the mask section (As contact lenses) instead of eyes itself. =p

  7. trying to work your characters. Just wondering what expansion packs you have and such. Do you have to update to work them?

  8. I love your characters so much! But it seems that the links aren’t working for me to download them :[ It say’s on 4shared: “The file link that you requested is not valid.”

    1. Hm, the post is old so some of the links may be expired. Your best bet is to look at the original websites and searching through the pages for the custom items.

      If it is the link for my characters, it may be possible for me to reupload them again (If I can manage to find the files in my computer).

  9. They look awesome but for some reason none of your downloads will actually download! For SOME reason they don’t do anything! The little loading screen just ISN’T LOADING. Now I think my game isn’t even loading… I’m not sure what’s going on.

    1. I checked the links and all of them are doing fine as far as I know. Are you sure?

  10. Hi do I need to have a World Adventure expansion pack to download this Sims?

    1. No you don’t. :3

  11. neh~ just asking, but are you a fangirl? you know, loves boylove stories…

    1. I used to, but am neutral on them for now.

  12. Hi, i just recently downloaded ur customs but when I install it, it won’t work it keeps saying “Requires missing Expansion Pack” I have world adventures, generations, town life stuff and master suite. Please help!

    1. As far as I know, when you install a Sim, even if you don’t have the required expansion pack, they’ll just auto change the clothes to base game ones. I got no idea what caused the problem as I tried the downloads myself a month ago and I had no issues on it. I have every single expansion pack + High End Loft. =(

  13. doesnt work chesire for me,says error import file.:( i want it

  14. Do you have the Mesh for Sachi Aranai’s hair?
    Its not showing for me in-game.

    1. Whoops. Nevermind.
      Disregard my post.

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