The day when the resin starts aging

The title of the entry may sound weird but I got my reasons and it would be explained later on.

Not many people have the tendency on collecting dolls (Note: Not Barbie!) as they’re very expensive. Yet, I got a few friends who enjoy doing so. Since Kuro just got her 2nd doll Akira a few days ago, I decided to make an entry for the box opening ceremony of Akira.

When the box arrived, it was tapped up to craziness to protect the doll from breaking during the delivery. In the picture below, you can see (From left to right) Seythro, Razidae and Takumi surrounding the package awaiting it to be opened.

The first glance of Akira’s sleeping chamber after opening the package.

Don’t you feel excited to take a look inside the box?

Apparently, the one who package it throw quite a lot of junks inside..

And now, after cleaning the mess.

Oh wait, is that a cocoon? It seems Akira is well-covered with bubble wrap and pillow-bag-carrier.

The awakening of Akira.

After dressing up Akira, a group picture was taken. From left to right, they’re Takumi, Akira and Razidae.

And since the topic was featured my friends’ doll, I might as well show the personal close up picture of it.

This is Razidae. He is Xin An’s first MSD doll and originally named as Yu in Dream of Doll. This is a picture of Razi wearing a head accessory made by Xin An.

Xin An’s second doll, Seythro. He was a limited edition SD doll by Volks name Eden.

Hitoriki’s first SD doll, Lilith. She was originally a male SD doll, Adam from Angell-Studio but Hito requested it to be put in a female body. ‘She’ looks really pretty though. Hito told me that he’ll be buying his 2nd SD doll, either Code No.02 or Sha from Dream of Doll later on cause he didn’t know which to pick lol.

These two are Kuro’s MSD doll. The left one is Akira and the older right one is Takumi. Both of them are known as Ivan and Kirill in Dream of Doll.

And now, to end the entry, I shall reveal the reason for me to put resin as title. The resin in the doll will age in the course of time, resulting minor colour changes at the skin. From what I heard from my friend, most collectors don’t think it is a bad thing as it makes the doll look more natural.

For clearer understanding of the resin aging process, look at this colour comparation of Akira and Razi. Akira is still new so the skin is pink. As for Razi, you’ll notice his skin grow more yellowish.


2 responses

  1. pretty dolls <3~

    1. Yea, it is. I think I’ll be getting one this year too hehe.

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