Mini Thoughts

Now, that has been a long time since I update burogu (Guess that most people are used to my random laziness). Today, I’ll go change my style a bit in this entry, just to suit the mood for me to type.

-Dodges the incoming pears-
(A: Just get to the point!)

If you’re my friends who’ve been following my blog all the while, I bet you do realize I rarely type about myself or my thoughts (The gaming experiences are exceptional). Come to think of it, I started to ask myself why. Although it is not a problem, but I guess I should also express myself once a while in here. This entry will be dedicated to the people I know, just read if you want.

Most people that know me will imply me as a happy-go-lucky girl who runs around joking and making people laugh. Yet, personally, am not a very optimistic person and I believe some do notice it as they get to know me and I started to open myself more. Now, why am I typing this? Probably because I want you, my friend, to understand me more. To me, the most comfortable way would be typing it out.

I don’t grow up in a happy-family environment like most of my friends, and due to the course of time, with different good and bad experiences, my personality started to built up to the one you currently see today.

For those who are the ones I choose to reveal my past, I’m grateful that you accept me as the one I am and didn’t look at me differently. I, myself, is a puzzle that needs to be solved slowly. I would say that because I got close friends who’re willing to share what they feel about me at first impression until the day they started to understand me.

I don’t enjoy shedding my tears and pain in front of others but I do appreciate it when some of you are willing to spend time and not get tired of me when I truly needed your support. It does feel great when I have someone to talk to or just, having someone who doesn’t mind stopping on what they’re doing just to come and stay beside me.

Is true that I should start being optimistic now, especially now, I found my source to be happy with. Some would have noticed my slow or maybe, obvious changes for the past few days. So yea, thank you guys, for being with me. I love you, Meow :3


One response

  1. Aws. I know how you feel >_<
    I've basically gone through what you've gone through too..*sigh…
    but its ok.
    i love you too!

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