Welcoming Lusyne and Nesyne back home <3

After the painful wait of 7 weeks and 5 days, I finally got my Lusyne and Nesyne back and saved them from the custom. I was a bit upset on the custom official asking me to open the box but is alright since they let me go without cutting the bubble wrap.

So this is the box opening pictures of Lusyne and Nesyne.

I hope you guys like it.

The legendary box in a box. :3!

3 pairs of hand, 2 wig, Lusyne’s clothes and velcro.

A lovely sandwich.

Lots and lots of bubble wrapping.

Two badly wounded patients..?

Close up picture of the female victim – Nesyne.

Now the male victim, Lusyne’s turn.

Bald Lusyne.

Bald Nesyne.

Pictures of them fully dressed during outing.

Lusyne in his usual coolness.

Nesyne being a lady.

Till then, have fun <3.


2 responses

  1. *likes* this post!

  2. Nesyne is gorgeous 🙂

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