Memoirs of Hera in MMORPG (Say what?!)

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve played a lot of MMORPG and it’ll take forever for me to try and remember every single detail that had happened. In here, is just a simplified compilation that I think it is significant that deserve my attention IF I happen to forget them in the future. Feel free to read them if you want.

If my memory didn’t fail me, the first MMORPG that I played was Ragnarok Online, dated back to 2003 when I was only twelve years old. Although I do admit I’m pretty much a noob back then (Asking people what is Geffen lol…), I would say I had my fun being chased by Orcs when partying with my cousins and so on.

Still, the best moments in RO life started when I switched to a private server name Samedi RO during late 2005, and later on, a new server Resurrected RO by Insane, where I meet some of my closest friends who I still get in touch with until now. Still, I would say the drama I got myself in was absolutely entertaining in many ways. What an experience, sigh.

Fortunately, this is also the place where I was given the chance to learn Photoshops, scripting, administrating a forum board and so on. For those who’re curious, my in-game name during that time was Goliath (for a super short period) and switched to Anari but my forum name was Hera, even until now.

The names that are worth mentioning here are:
Skurai  (Shervy), Rosiel (Yanny), Akurei (Markie), Insane/Musashi (RO Papa), Cain (Erick), Anaki, Rika (Ellis), Silent/Hateshinai, Wallaby, Omega (Tyronn), Angelica (Mommy), Mishka (Danielle), Faithie, Bunnei (Brandon), Baine (Joshua), Keita (Justin), Jelly (Cherry), Genostrike (Mike), Athanasius (Chris) and so on.

The next MMORPG that I think is important would be Granado Espada (hosted by IAH Games) during 2007 for sure. It was totally exciting to be able to get the privilege ticket to login 2 days in advance for Open Beta. Also, there is one word that I would NEVER forget when talking about this game – YAKISOBA!!

It is probably very lucky of me to be able to join this guild. I had a lot of good memories in it, thanks to the crazy Yakisoba members. I can still remember clearly how we had our guild names painted across the whole world map in game, camping the world boss time and so on. Also, the 18sgx hour at night is just another plus in the guild. Taugeh, anyone? *Laughs*

But yea, it was depressing to think that Tsubaki decided to disband the guild when he had to go to the army. After that, I stayed in ChocoPoring, a temporary guild created by our vice leader Crimzama (I still can’t believe we used that name… -_-) for us. At the end, Kazel reformed the guild into Halcyon with the veteran members of Yakisoba.

Although Yakisoba is currently semi inactive, I enjoyed how we still interact with each other in the forum. I met some of the members in real life too, including other GE players. And oh, just in case I forget, my in-game name was Vinch.

The names that are worth mentioning here are:
Tsubaki (Yaki Papa), Crimzama (Creamy), Nuub (son), Lionheartz (Kon), Luciora (Ruki), Hellsing (Kaku), Grimmway (Granny), RavaNa (Ken-chan), Kuchiki (Bya-kun), Hrin (nee-chan), Zin (Zun), cara (Curry), Carrera (Yan Kit), Hanz, IceLemon (Lime), Catherin (Rinsis), DaVinci (Dove), Kazel (Jelly), Doomguard (Evocator) and a lot more.

And now, I had myself in Aetherius Network, a community I joined when I was playing an online game name Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online (SMT Online) during last year early 2009. I met a lot of awesome people and members along the way when I followed Aetherius into other games. For all the games mentioned below, my in-game name was Vynch.

When I was in SMT, I spent half of my lifetime running Silver Suginami dungeon with Fish in duo, I’m proud to say we’re quite famous for it *chuckles*. When Fish left, I got myself spending the other half of my SMT lifetime running Gold Suginami and Gold Ichigaya dungeon with Ashura and Aytheal, Kazuki and such. I pretty much have very good memories for this game until someone reminds me of elephant eggs… those are pretty much some long, miserable and torturing hell –Finds a corner and emo there-.

The names that are worth mentioning here are:
Ashura, Aytheal, Kazuki, Buffie, Siomai, Fate (Hitoriki), Kuro, Solar, Iya, KingHarry and more.

Later on, we moved on to Pandora Saga temporarily to kill time. This game is not bad, just hosted by the wrong hands and lack of content. Yet, we’re still surprised that, despite playing half-hearted, we manage to become one of the top guilds in the game.

The names that are worth mentioning here are:
Ashura, Aytheal, Snipewolf (Kaku), Buffie, Snow, Forseti, Thania, Razaera, ShadowRaiser, Mike21, VStrike, Aluciz, Fairy and so on.

Aion Online was finally open beta during September 2009. To level fast, Snipewolf and I took shifts playing the same account. Thanks to him, Vynch was the 2nd player to hit max level in the server. It was seriously fun running around with my giant pets in the cities. I can still remember how everyone went “WTF! So huge!” when I summoned my Magma pet. ❤ Aetherius had the guild named as Synergy in Zikel server.

The names that are worth mentioning here are:
Ashura, Buffie, Supamoe, Seicami, Wozie (Santa), Socratic (Cake), Forseti, Bulkatus (Broccoli), Arakay, Jojo, Kenny, Herecumsthepain, Enfo, Dan, Russell, Bolistik (Bowling) and many more.

Finally, Aika Online, also the game that I decided to be my last MMORPG by promising someone. This time, Aetherius formed the guild name as Resonance in Feonir nation. To be honest, I didn’t know what to say about this game other than straining myself on staying awake for 3 days and only had 5 hours nap in total. Then again, this is the game that I had the happiest time grinding throughout my gaming life. AEkt and I were parting as duo all the time, leveling together with our Clerics. Ignoring how Cilvere always shouted “HAX!” when he saw us running with our level 10 Haste skill, it also seems that some of my guild mates agreed on me being a quest item magnet as I tend to loot most of them with ease.

I still remember that day when I shouted “Come on, drop the 3rd document (quest item, rare drop rate) for me please.” in the party channel and the monster dropped one instantly. Everyone was shocked, screaming “WTF!”. It didn’t end there, the monster dropped the document for me again when I shouted “Come on, give me the 4th document too!”. My party members (guild mates) went crazy on me, screaming “OMG, how can that happen?! LOL, HAX!”. *Laughs out loudly*

The names that are worth mentioning here are:
Ashura, Mina, XinAn, Hitoriki, Kuro, Solar, Snow, Kazuki, Cilvere (Tofu girl), Lionheartz (Kon), Beebo, Vendetta, Katzyuke, Grimmway (Granny), Zin (Zun), Forseti and last but not the least, AEkt (Ae-chan).

Ahaha,  I just realize I practically compressed my experiences so much that I doubt many would understand what happen unless they’re with me that time. Oh well, I had all the game experiences (Except for Ragnarok Online) typed out in previous post separately in Burogu, you just have to use the search button.

That’s it, I don’t want to make this post any longer, is already a wall of text. Ja, see you later.


10 responses

  1. Lol.GE reminds me of entering the wrong server… *sad memories*

  2. Ahh… GE… One of the best MMO’s I’ve ever played… only when it first started out, tho. I got pissed when more and more bots appeared and quit eventually. 😛

  3. Zomg fat elephants in aion. The scenery was so beautiful ~.~

  4. -.- Didn’t mention me…So jealous about that dead fish…XD

    1. Good old times. I do remeber the time xD Don’t know if you remember me Anari :> Most of the time we were on the same servers, where I was Admin/GM whatever. 😀

      1. Of course I remember you ahahha. How did you find my blog anyway? I don’t mind adding you in my msn if you want. Roflmao.

  5. Another 5 years, not even sure you are still active here haha. Anyways, just like now, I was looking for SamediRo, where everything started. Just wanted to see some precious memories. Kinda weird though. Still, I will never forget the good times I had with the Ro servers I was on. Especially this one. 🙂

    1. Sakuya o.o Is that you omg

      1. Yes, still me! 🙂

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