Chitose’s Arrival

After 2 months waiting for my friend, Davin’s ball-jointed doll to arrive, it is finally here! Now for the pictures on box opening of Dream of Doll DoC Leya.

PS: Ignore my mobile phone, I know it is not the latest Iphone or whatever. x.x;;

The usual box in a box.

A heavily wrapped Chitose, 2 wigs, a pair of free hands, car keys and a PSP. Check!

An over-sized pillow-sweet with yellow ribbons.

A picture of an ICU/CCU patient.

A picture of a fully recovered ICU/CCU patient.

A filler picture of Lusyne stealing Chitose’s wig to wear.

Chitose – After dressing her up. She got a huge head compare to normal DoC, had a hard time wearing the wig.

Another picture of her.

Thanks for viewing, rawr!


One response

  1. cute XD she would look better in black hair I guess!

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