Antalis Paper Fantasy + Fashion Show

It was going to be a lovely Sunday until my ISP decided to kick my butt by disabling the connection to perform maintenance. My patience finally reached the limit at noon so I dragged my friend Jen out to the local shopping complex One Utama to pass my time.

It was pretty much a coincidence that we manage to pass by an event called Antalis Paper Fantasy. Jen took the opportunity to take pictures on the paper sculptures and we had fun trying to fold horses with paper (While trying to get the scissor by ‘fighting’ with a kid).

In addition, they were holding a paper fashion show by Micky Tan. All clothes were made by PAPER for real. Seriously. And oh, both of us are lucky enough to be sitting in the front row, which is good since it gave Jen chance to snap a lot of pictures with her DSLR.

Among all the models, I love the orange and green ones A LOT. So, here are the teasers.


And for those who got something for both legs or shoes, this is for you.


2 responses

  1. Hey…nice pictures. I would like to see more on it.

  2. Amazing, cannot believe those were made from Paper, might be funny to throw a buck of water on them huh? Kidding… anway, these are amazing! Removing those paper clothing would be a b!#$%

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