Sims Children Growing Up

Personally, I’m surprised on how good looking my Sims teenagers are like when they aged up into young adults. So yes, you probably guessed it, I’m posting their pictures here to show off.

-Gets hit by an incoming katana-

Anyway, here it is. *Do artificial drum roll sounds*

Lusyne Rosenvich

Nesyne Rosenvich

As for the other teenagers from my sub active families.. I wasn’t prepared for them to be that gorgeous until I saw their looks, I was pretty much shocked too. >_<;;

Torgal Nassau

Rui Mrvica

Rea Mrvica

There you go. Enough for the picture spammings.


One response

  1. do you have a place where you upload sims because your’s a gorgeous. they are simply fabulous and I would love to have them in my game. If not then I’ll settle for looking at the pretty pictures.

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