The Sims 3: Late Night Confirmed New Features

For dedicated Sims 3 players, I’m sure you guys have heard of the upcoming expansion pack scheduled to release in Fall this year.

I’m not sure if most players know about the new features and facts for The Sims 3 Late Night (Since the features were not written in the official website but in Twitter, sigh.) so am posting it here for the curious ones.

New Objects

  • Elevators (Sims will be able to WooHoo in them) <– I was praying for your return 😀
  • New instruments (Each with their own skill)
    • Drums
    • Bass
    • Piano <– Welcome back sweetheart.
  • Shuffleboard.
  • Darts.
  • Bubble bar.
  • New bars.
  • 3 hot tubs.
  • New furniture.
  • Vampire inspired bed.
  • Vampire altar.

New interactions

  • ‘Make a move’.
  • Talk and drink while sitting down.

New skills

  • Drums.
  • Bass.
  • Piano.
  • Mixology, creates new drinks, learn fancy drinks moves, moonlight as a mixologist (not a career, but you can work as a mixologist, probably the way bands get “gigs”)
  • New cooking recipes (drinks, hot wings and more – different drinks will add different effects)

New careers

  • Film career with actor and director brances. Contains ‘outside-jobs’ similar to the Doctor career
  • ‘Teen Celebrity’ part time job, available to children of celebrities.

New CAS features

  • Breast slider for women. <– No more mods needed I suppose.
  • New muscle slider for both genders (can make ribbed abs) <– Chocolate abs anyone?
  • New sliders are passed down through genetics.
  • New clothes.
  • New hairstyles. <– Not looking forward since I only use custom ones.
  • New facial hair (goatee and others).
  • New tattoos.

New NPCs

  • Paparazzi. <– o_O!
  • Bouncer.
  • Butler <– Yay! My lovely butler is back. ❤

Band details

  • Bands can perform gigs. <– Personally, I think K-On! will prosper with this expansion.
  • Invite people to join band, kick them out and hold jam sessions.

Celebrity details

(not a career)
  • Acting auditions around the neighborhood.
  • Shoot B-reels for Simoleons.
  • Get simoleans for schmoozing.


  • Subways, a rabbit-hole transport system. (No loading screens)
  • It’s free, but you can get mugged. Can be placed on residential lots as well, via buydebug.
  • New art for some old Rabbit holes.

New traits

(only two new traits in Late Night)
  • Shy <– Bass + Shy for Akiyama Mio? =O
  • Star Quality, will help you become a celebrity faster/easier, similar to Eccentric

New places to WooHoo *cough*

  • Hot tub.
  • Elevator.


  • New music genres. <– I look forward to Simlish Gaga.. I think.

Vampire details

  • Has thirst motive instead of hunger.
  • Can die from thirst which gives a new ghost color.
  • Plasmapacks are snacks and they’re colored red.
  • Bloodfruit seeds can be bought at the grocer.
  • Vampire children still go to school and must hurry when catching the bus.
  • Slightly pale an ‘unearthly’ skintone for vampires.
  • Can be cured by a potion.
  • Unique behaviors.
  • Favorite food is Type-0 (a blood type) <– Possibly a joke
  • Garlic will affect them somehow <– lol.. x.x;

New build tools

  • Pools on any floor. <– this will help in my underground aquarium mansion
  • Curved pools.
  • Circular pools.
  • Half-walls. <– Finally!
  • ‘Shell’ buildings.
  • Fountain tool.
  • Moving paintings up and down on walls.

New lots

  • Film studio.
  • Subway.
  • Hidden vampire bar. <– Will no longer be hidden thanks to


  • ‘Downtown’ is a new neighborhood.
  • New dance animations.
  • New opportunities and wishes.
  • VIP sections have more celebrities, cooler people, better objects and activities, better drinks…overall higher quality.
  • Apartments are big “Shells” like the pyramids in WA, NOT apartments like in AL.
  • You can add Downtown elements to existing neighborhoods.
  • FX machine: snow, fire, glitter, bubbles.
  • New vampire feed animations depending on relationship score.
  • Name of the Downtown district not yet decided.
  • You can form groups and romantic groups.
  • Can crash NPC parties.
  • Bouncers can be passed by bribing, sneaking in, hacking or by using your celebrity status.
  • New water reflections.
  • Late Night is rated T for Teen.
  • Twinbrook was inspired by the gulf coastline, i.e. Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi.
  • The traffic light from the Late Night trailer is decorative.
  • ~12 new cars in FLS. <– PS: FLS means Fast Lane Stuff, another stuff expansion
  • Possible new Trait in FLS

NOT included

  • No bowling alleys. <– This reminds me of the latest updates for Restaurant City
  • No Microphone.
  • No new CAS skin colors.
  • No vampire coffin.
  • No custom made buildings.
  • No DJ Booth.
  • No spiral staircase.
  • No folding beds.

Now, please excuse me to plan a new design to fit in these new features on my still-in-building-processes mansion.

On the side note, when will they fix the Code No. 12 error problem, sigh.


15 responses

  1. Wow thats cool
    btw you know where to download skins anime/game Sims 3 (without register)??

  2. Sounds cool! Also try Sims Ambitions and Sims World Adventures ( you can go to France, China and Egypt!)

    On sims ambitions you can be a : ghost hunter, doctor, investigator, stylist, home stylist, tattoo artist, inventor, sculptor and even have your own buisness!!!!
    mega cool! eh? 🙂

    1. Ambitions is indeed AMAZING! lol

  3. Awesome! Super excited! Thanks for putting this up I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find info! lol If you want a coffin, has one!

  4. hey, just wondering..
    could I have the breast and the muscle sliders for the sims that I already made in the “CAS”


    do I have to create a new one from scratch in “CAS”
    for (The Sims 3 Late Night)
    once it comes out.

    PLEASE HELP ME on this!!!!

  5. Hey… I’m soo excited to have this expansion… and super excited to have the diferent instruments… but i got to know this… please someone give me the answer…
    Cause I LOOOOOOOVE the electric bass…
    Please answer me =D

    1. nope… regular DOUBLE BASS. not ‘cello’ its a different instrument just in the same classical string family… silly goose

  6. Hey where’s the secret vampire place? Thanks! 🙂

  7. HALF WALLS! And circualr pools…so happeh! And now sliders are passed! 😀 SO EXCITED! Wh-hoo!

  8. Can’t wait– But I’m still saving up– 3 more days :S

    1. I only need 9$, and if I budget carefully buying my Halloween costume I’ll be able to afford it with the money my dad gave me! 🙂
      2 more days!

  9. Thankz for letting me know about it. I can’t afford it really but it looks fun so if i finnally get 40$$$ Ill be able to buy it and i wont go to waste! Thanks!!! Oh And Btw you dont need LN For the mucsle and breast sliders. I dont have any ep’s and i haz them =))

    1. How do you get the breastt and muscle sliderss? :S

  10. yes i know i responded a long tiem after XD its not my faultt.. i was looking at expansion informationn and came along here XD ok?? pshh.. jajaja

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