Final Fantasy XIV Beta

With the upcoming MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV being released, I thought it’ll be nice to share some screen shots for those who didn’t get the chance to play in the beta testing period.

Most screen shots are taken around / in Gridania while some are taken from my guild mates in Aetherius Network. Anyway, tadaa:

Conjurer Guild

Cat girl, lotus flowers and a fountain

Two Lalafels comparinh their heights

Market Area

Northen part of Black Shroud

Another side of the temple

Around Limsa Lominsa, notice the UFO

Giant fat alien coming out from the UFO

Personally, I do admit there are a lot of bugs in the current beta version of Final Fantasy 14 such as the uncomfortable UI if you’re using mouse, not working stats, no quest indicator on top of npc and so on.

Still, I think the game is pretty fun and it is worth the effort and time to wait for Square Enix to fix them. In fact, I pre-ordered the Collector Edition of FFXIV and I can’t wait to play with my fellow friends.


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