Hera & Final Fantasy XIV

First of all, I’ll say I’m very grateful that I’m a guild crafter on Alchemy. Although my contribution is far lesser than other crafting classes such as Weaver, Armourer and Blacksmith, I’m still pretty happy when I know I helped my guild mates even by a little.

How I spend my time in FFXIV is totally different, when compared to the previous MMORPGs I played. Those who have known me from previous game would know I’m not a person who’re able to stay in the same spot to craft or even gather a single material. I hated it, simple as that. It is probably an irony, or a change for me presently, since I’m actually going pure craft and minor gathering in Botanist. If you want me to explain how extreme it is, let’s just say, I didn’t kill a single monster in FFXIV since a month ago aka physical level 12+-?

So, what about my daily life in FFXIV? Well, is pretty much just staying in the very same spot in Uldah city every single day to the extend that existing member would know where to look for me to pass over items for me to distribute to other guild crafter / member (Kinda like a guild storage since they didn’t implement company system yet). To be honest, I got no idea how I get this kind of endurance, being totally fine on having my computer screen unchanged for days and weeks. My guild leader and friends did question me regarding it and some are actually worried that I would eventually rage quit due to my FFXIV schedule.

Alright, now to the main point before I derail the topic too far. Personal thoughts of FFXIV, the first thing I would answer is, FFXIV is not a bad game. Despite all the criticize and bad reputation given by websites and magazines, I would say FFXIV is very fun if you play it right. Unlike common MMORPG, FFXIV have a much deeper curve to learn and adapt when you just started, a good example would be, FFXIV don’t have quest npc indicator, you’ll never see a blinking sign on top of the quest npc you’re finding or any crap.

The maps are repetitive (Not sure about high level ones), I didn’t see any interesting spots to screen shot and share yet. Same goes to the monsters, they look the same almost everywhere. As for grind, it can be frustrating with the surplus going on and the spratethatdoesn’tseemtomakesenseatall. Other than these, I can’t comment much, since I didn’t explore around.

Now, for the armour looks. 1 word, *sigh*. It is not all that bad now, but during the start of FFXIV, it is pretty awful since everyone is wearing the same armour everywhere, and I really mean everywhere. There aren’t much choice for armours, even the colour choice are limited. However, I do admit it makes me excited whenever I manage to get to wear any equipment and stand out among the crowd. The whole feelings just makes me think that, it is probably worth it.

At the end, I really wanted to say, I’m glad I bought FFXIV. Yes, I did regret during the start but as time goes by, I actually felt relieved that I choose to be with my beloved guild and buy the game. Sure it may be incomplete, I still have to give a lot of credit to Square Enix, to actually put effort on fixing it. I don’t expect the game would be good in a month or two but I believe it’s potential and Square Enix. Now, I just hope Square Enix won’t crash my faith on them…

On the side note, please don’t mind the low quality screenshots. I tuned down all my graphic settings to load faster in game.


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  1. I support you. Just do what you want.

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