Exclusive Information on Lime Odyssey

I’m not sure how fast the news has spread on the upcoming MMORPG Lime Odyssey but I’m taking this chance to share all the information I had gathered in here (Since I’m disappointing on Aeriagames on giving that so-called-teaser-website-without-any-decent-info-of-the-game).

Before reading what I have below, I would like to state that all my source came from the official Korean and Japanese websites.

Just in case there are people who’re not sure what is Lime Odyssey, here is some explanation given by my guild mate, Neoyoshi (Info came from various source).

Lime Odyssey is a 3D MMORPG developed by the original Ragnarok Online development team. Recently, Lime Odyssey released some latest artworks and screenshots as well as new character and class info via its official site. The third mysterious race Pam was also unveiled.

Alright confused yet? basically for those that do not know about what happened with the original development of Ragnarok 2, something happened within the core development group and pretty much a major chunk of the Gravity staff left and formed a new company called: Sirius Entertainment.

Now for the main course!

There are only 3 races so far in Lime Odyssey, (from left to right) Human, Pam and Turga:

So far, only 7 Battle Classes are revealed in game. This is the list along with it’s race restriction:
Fighter – Turga, Human
Magician – Pam, Human
Cleric – All
Thief – All
Hunter, Doll-Master, Musician – Unknown

While the Life Skill Class are listed as:
– Blacksmith
– Tailor
– Chef
– Ceremoner
– Merchant
– Carpenter
– Architect (You can build houses)

As for the image, (From Left to right) Blacksmith, Tailor, Chef and Ceremoner

On the side note, the max level are currently 50 in Korea server.

————– I’m a Line Breaker ————

The basic Q&A section for those who’re interested in playing the English version:

Q: When will closed beta be?
Summer 2011 (estimated date)

Q: Where do I sign up?

Q: If I sign up, am I guaranteed a spot in closed beta?
There hasn’t been any information about the selection, but usually, aeriagames, invites those that signed up. However, it is not a “guaranteed spot”.

Q: Will my computer be able to run Lime Odyssey?
Once the official website goes live, look out for the system requirements.

These are the system requirements, NOTE that these might change for our version of Lime Odyssey, they can only be taken as rough estimation. (thanks to skull12580 for finding it!)

Minimum | recommended
CPU: Intel dual-core processor | Intel Dual-Core processor
RAM: 1GB | 2GB or more
Graphics Card: NVIDA Geforce 6600 VGA | NVIDA Geforce 8600 or more
Hard Drive: More than 10GB hard disk
Operating systems: WINDOWS XP (Service Pack 2), VISTA
DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0C
※ The system requirements based on optimizing the development of stable and are subject to change.

————– I’m a Line Breaker ————

This section would give even more details regarding the game using screenshots.

Login page.

Character creation page.

Customization given to the player are races, gender, life skill class (Not battle!) and appearances (Hairstyle and equipment).

Each races will have their distinctive storyline and starting city.

In Equipment and Skill slot, Battle and Life Skill class are separated.
PS #1: This is the older interface version.
PS #2: The newer version have sub-separate box for Attack and Defence skill.

For crafting:

For battle:

New players are given tutorial quest in gathering and craft (Note: You don’t have ANY battle class yet).
PS #1: Don’t ask me why she is mining while wearing a full length dress. =A=
PS #2: Each gathering action would consume MP and gain exp for Life Class and Base Level.
PS #3: The newest update in CBT allows player to choose to skip tutorial.

After completing 4 tutorial quest, you’ll be directed into a cave.
PS: Swimming in Lime Odyssey does not have oxygen restriction ^-^

Then, when you’re done speaking to the npc, you’ll be given the chance of choosing your battle class. (Finally!)

You’re also allowed to jump freely, by pressing the all-so-mighty space bar.

Players are given 3 option in revivng: Nearest village, Save Point and Current Location.

Farming system.

Emotion expressions:


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