Starry☆Sky Game & CG Download

To keep everyone up to date with myself, I’ve been playing Starry☆Sky during January. It’s an otome game so I won’t suggest it to males, as for females, you girls may drool on it.

Just for the important note, this is NOT a H-game.

Starry Sky consists of 12 males representing each horoscope and the game is divided into 4 seasons. So far, I’ve finish all of them, unlocking every CGs.

Here is the opening trailer for all 4 of them.


Capricorn (Tomoe Yoh), Pisces (Nanami Kanata), Cancer (Tohzuki Suzuya)


Taurus (Kanakubo Homare), Scorpio (Miyagi Ryunosuke), Sagittarius (Kinose Azusa)


Gemini (Mizushima Iku), Libra (Hoshizuki Kotaro), Leo (Haruki Naoshi)


Aries (Shiranui Kazuki), Virgo (Aozora Hayato), Aquarius (Amaha Tsubasa)

For those who like the opening songs, links to download the full version of it:

Links to download the game and soundtracks are here (Although it may be annoying, please use megaupload to be on the safe side):

For Spring, please use this link instead:

The games are all in Japanese, fully vocalized.

This is the link to download English patch for the Spring one:

If you’re fine with Chinese translation patch, here are the links for it:

Now for the CG download links:

Personally in terms of storyline and characters, I would recommend Autumn > Winter > Spring > Summer.

I’ll post the guide for every routes in a few days and link it in a few days.

Till then, please have fun with the current links!


73 responses

  1. Could you please upload this to another site, i can’t download from megaupload.

    1. Hm, I apologize but I can’t do that since I’m not the one uploading the links. You may wish to try your luck in Hongfire as they have torrents.

  2. Whoa! Thank you for the patches! I’ve started playing in Summer and can’t read Japanese…I didn’t know there was a Chinese patch till I found your blog 😀

    1. You’re welcomed. =)

      Do enjoy the game.

  3. emm excuse me if I download the game should I download the CG too?

    1. Is up to you since the CGs are in jpeg form (Collection/graphic purposes) and not used to replace your game files. =)

  4. Is this game in english like, it has english words to read right. Is the english pacth the english version? could you add links too all seasons?

    1. Is the english pacth the english version? –
      could you add links too all seasons? — Only the Spring Version had an English patch. The group who translated the game mysteriously disappeared..

  5. Thanks for the patches and info! XD

  6. Is this the PC version?

  7. I can’t seem to patch the chinese version properly… I tried to replace the files with the chinese patch zip files and weird characters appeared… Can you please tell me how to patch the chinese version of Summer? Thank you!

    1. Your windows will need to be in Chinese encoding instead of other languages.

  8. i’m having trouble opening the rar file(chinese patch for spring) from 7zip, it always says that the chip.arc is broken
    help please? T^T

  9. Hi dear, I just wanna ask, do you play Starry sky~after summer~?
    i try to find the CGs, but I can’t find it anywhereTT
    just if you play and already finished all routes, do you mind to upload those CGs?

    Anyway, thank you for this! So awesome :))

    1. Hm, as far as I know, there are no translation in Chinese yet. I’ll look around for it.

  10. Okay i have a problem (sorry to bug) 😦
    I’ve downloaded spring in Japanese, and the English patch.
    I’ve set my system locale to Japanese and restarted my computer. I have installed the patch on the game and it said that the game was patched and ready to play, but when i open it and started playing it was still in Japanese 😦 I tried to install my the patch again but it said the game is already patched. Now go play!. It was a new game and the people who’ve had this problem usually was because of the system locale or they hadn’t started a new game could somebody help me please?

    1. My best advice would be:
      1. Uninstall the game and thoroughly delete the Starry Sky folder in My Computer.
      2. Restart your computer.
      3. Set your system to Japanese, and install the game ONLY.
      4. Set your system back to English, and install the patch.
      5. Try and see if the patch works.

      I hope that helps.

      1. umm,, I’ve already followed your instruction but when i play the game, it couldn’t.. like there was a notification that said “????????” could you help me please? Thx..

  11. Hi. I would like to ask…
    if I install the chinese patch for the game, do I need to change my unicode back to Chinese Simplified PRC??? Or can I just use the japanese unicode ??

    1. You’ll need your Windows unicode to be in Chinese if you’re using the Chinese patch. =)

      1. So when I install the game (not the patch), I can straight install it in Chinese unicode??

      2. It is suggested for you to install the game in Japanese unicode so the folder names won’t be in gibberish. When you apply the Chinese patch, switch the computer unicode into Chinese. =)

  12. When I exctract the English patch the patch is not starting.
    When I open the patch directly from the rar it stucks when the patching starts.
    What to do? >:

    1. Weird, it doesn’t happen to me though. Try redownloading?

  13. hera-chan ! ! I wanna ask~ if you have route guide for ~after spring~ and ~after summer~ I’m looking for it~ thanks before~

    1. I don’t. In fact, am trying to find the downloads for it along with English / Chinese patch.

      1. oohhh ! ! I get ~after~ game from friend tho~ and its in Japanese, no patch, But, if I can get you the link, would you make the guide? ><;;

      2. Haha, don’t worry. I’ve posted the ~After Spring~ guide. I’ll slowly post the guide. Hope you’re okay with Yoh Tomoe ones first.

  14. Hi Hera :D, i just finished downloading the game. is it supposed to be in a .rar file? if so, i extracted it and went to the folder and it only had a file that’s name ” [ Otome Game ] Starry Sky in Spring ” is it because i need the patch, cause i havnt downloaded it yet.. please help me!

    1. If you did downloaded the right one, you should be able to install it and play straight away (The game will be in Japanese).

      If you’re unable to install, there are 2 possibility:
      1. You downloaded a patch instead of the real game client
      2. The file you downloaded are corrupted and you’ll need to re-download it again.

  15. Hello,

    I downloaded the Starry Sky Summer Chinese Patch, but it doesn’t seem to work. I extracted it through Winrar but the game won’t start when I click the .exe
    I really want to play this game, please help.

  16. Screw my other comment, I finally got the game to work, but the translation is.. all weird. Like, it’s not even a dialect. Do you think you know what’s happening? Thanks.

    1. Probably because your Windows is not in Chinese encoding. =)

      1. How do you put it in an encoding? Thanks for my previous comment’s answer.

  17. Hi, I download the JAP vers of Starry Sky in Summer and I’m having some problem patching the chinese patch, when I press the exe. thing, something came out like saying the patch doesnt work or something well so I decided to replace the chip and rio file and it didnt work too

    1. You have to change the directly on where to patch it.

  18. Is this game in english? If not, how to change it into english? I dont understand japanese nor chinese. :/

  19. Does the English Spring one have them talking?

  20. Can you post a video on how to download the English version ?

  21. It says “Starry Sky ~In Spring~ files will be patched in the following directory.” Which one do I choose be reply Asap

  22. after i download it only display the picture how to play it actually, i don’t quite understand

    1. ignore my first comment. it seems i click the wrong one. Sankyou for telling me the link but it was for the spring part how about the other ( summer, winter, and autumn)
      i’m a bit confused

  23. i also can’t download it

  24. I agree with u, I think Autumn has the best storyline and Summer is kinda boring 😦

  25. hey i had troubled with the chinese install.can teach me the steps on how to install the chinese translation?

  26. You just made my day!! THANK YOU!!

  27. hey, I’m having trouble with the spring link, the mediafire one. The web page doesn’t want to open :/It says that it isnt available, something like that.
    Can you help me?

  28. Since Megaupload got shut down, I can’t obtain the CG downloads. Is is possible for you to put it on Mediafire? Thank you so much!

  29. I’m sorry for bothering you, but is it possible for you to put the Chinese patch downloads on Mediafire as well due to Megaupload being shut down? Thanks!

  30. so.. full jap ver of “Starry☆Sky~in Spring~” Dl link is..
    the megaupload hv been closed down.. did ue hv another link?
    Tell me pls tq~ (=

    1. Sorry, I don’t hold any copy of it anymore.

  31. Thank you for providing the CG pack links~ I’m very grateful. ^^
    But I can’t download the CG pack of Autumn due to Megaupload being closed down… Is it possible for you to please re-upload the Autumn version to mediafire? (In case you have a copy) Thanks a lot~

  32. may i ask a question???

    do i have to download the game then the english patch?
    the downloading only the english patch will do

  33. I was wondering if you (or anyone who can see this) could re-upload the files for Summer, Autumn and Winter? OTL I know it’s a lot to ask for, but it was worth a try haha. If anyone else could upload them or direct me to working links (MU got shut down, and the MF links always appear as errors), I would forever be grateful 😀

  34. Greetings. Sorry to disturb.
    But is it possible to re-upload the chinese translation patch? ><

  35. I downloaded the chinese patch from elsewhere, and I reset my unicode to chiniese simplified, but I still see weird characters that are not chinese nor japanese. can anyone please help? it would mean a lot to me, Ive been trying all day to get it work :/ thank you!

  36. To Michllle, may I know where did you download the chinese patch? ><

  37. Can someone please re-upload starry-sky spring somewhere? Every link I seem to find seems to be shut down or dead >.< Maybe on Media Fire

  38. Amy, i hv the same problem with u… there any solution to solve it?

  39. Umm… I keep having this Notice thing… is there any other way I can download it? =/

  40. Hi, the English Spring version is not available because of the FBI Anti-Piracy you know anywhere else I could download it? >.<
    Thank you in advance~

    1. No idea to be honest. It’s consider an old source and I doubt people keep a copy.

  41. Do you still have the chinese patches for summer,autumn and winter T.T? Cause megaupload doesnt work anymore Q_Q Would really appreciate it if you could upload the chinese patch again on mediafire or 4shared T_T

    1. u can find the chinese patch in otomedream. i found it. just that idk how to work it. the instruction there is really complicated. if u figure out how please help me.
      scroll down and u can find the chinese patch

  42. Giovanna (Brazil) | Reply

    Como eu baixo o jogo? Não estou conseguindo!

  43. hi! i downloaded the chinese patch from otomedream but i got no idea how to work it. help please?

  44. Hello! The download link for spring has been found out 😦 should I just download it from the link above it?

    1. ok both link arent working for spring… 😦

  45. i want to play, were i can download the game ? 😦

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