So recently Hera is lingering in Aika SEA…

For those who’re updated in latest MMO news, I believe one would know Aika SEA was released around a month and a half ago. Initially, I didn’t plan to join it at all but since one of my close buddy Kon (Lionheartz) invited me, I end up tagging along. Here is a dedication screen shot for him, since without him, I won’t be in Aika SEA:


As usual, my IGN is Vynch and infamously located in Alstonia nation. Since it’s a whole new start for me, coming with less than a handful of friends (Or should I say, only 2-3?), I manage to get a very fresh feeling in a MMO after a long time. After all, in my previous MMOs for the past few years, I’ve been joining games with my guild, rampaging around with at least 20-30 members all the while.


I made a lot of new friends here without a doubt, and ironically, my English wording standards dropped way too much as time passed (No proper English speakers here.. *Cries*). Well, there are no doubt that many events had happened during my presence in Aika SEA, there were ups and downs but I’m glad I can still manage it with my loli character.

Spa in Aegis!

Personally, I didn’t regret coming here (Okay, maybe slightly..), but, I suppose is not really a bad thing? I learned new stuff in the game, despite it is not my first time playing Aika. And of course, how wicked the politics can be, despite it is just a game *Sigh*.


Sometimes, Aika SEA also made me wonder, does this resembles our current humanity in the working life? If yes, then maybe I should learn to get used to it asap.

Pain the virgin boy

Then again, this is suppose to be a gaming post, I should just focus about Aika instead of real life for now.


Nevermind, I don’t know what to type anymore. I shall just post this clique screen shot of someone dearie to me.

Faint~ ❤

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