Some Clarifications Regarding Aika SEA

As some may have heard / found out about it, I’ll just do a straight clarifications here, for once and for all – Vynch was hacked last two Saturday. Criminal? Unknown.

If you do know me in Aika SEA and consider me as a friend, you may wish to read one of my last few words I wish to say, before I made my final decision on Vynch’s future.

First of all, I would like to thank each and every individuals who cared about me in Aika SEA, after the incident. Yet, I’ll have to be frank that this event did not just wake me to see through who are my true friends, and who aren’t. To be more clear, it does seems that the people who’re not-so-close to me actually care more than those who I thought I can rely on.

If someone were to ask, what are my feelings now; I would answer, “Confused”. There is no doubt that it is an inside job, but I would never know who exactly is it. Whoever it is, you probably hate me a lot, don’t you? To cut every single possibilities for Vynch to be rebuild. 🙂

Also, there is something that I don’t understand. Of all people who greeted me when I visit Aika SEA, there are actually someone who wished me not to get involve with the game anymore, as if wishing me to get away completely so the hacking won’t be mentioned. And, I do have to admit, this person is no other than someone who I’m close with last time.

It is true that I can hardly believe in anyone right now, and I just can’t help it. If anyone of you were hurted by my distrust and suspicion, I apologise but I won’t take it back – not until I know who hacked Vynch. You are freely allowed to dislike, hate or even curse me for it, it doesn’t matter.

Putting all these aside, I really want to say thank you for having me in this hateful lovely game and I’m grateful to know all of you, being the one who stand my side, or the one who slapped my face after getting my trust. I had fun, really.

Till then, I hope we may play together again, by chance or by fate. Thank you.


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