Nille Yanje Yanje..

Yeeel dor, bautifal dor
Rudje dgal prasrity
Was waa ra walasye tanta
Nille yanje yanje

Yasra sasye, warma sasye
Wase briyante arsye
Was touwaka ra omnis yaha
Nille yanje yanje

Celetille dyya, nhaf dyya
Burle Dia aulla
Was apea ra merra lhasya
Nille yanje yanje

Gat wart, uje wart
Rudje Dia desfel
Was guwo wa sasye morto
Nille yanje yanje

Prooth ryusse, yant ryusse
Gool sasye rana
Was quel wa herra kvvia
Nille yanje yanje

Quowjaz tim, clare tim
Inferiare burle swant
Was wol wa sasye deata
Nille yanje yanje

Sol ciel, vonn ciel
Titilia sasye fernia
Nn num gagis enesse slepir
Nille yanje yanje


3 responses

  1. What language is this? Uh… Haitian? I’m not able to tell.

    1. Hymmnos. Standard Hymmnos to be specific.

  2. What does it say? im still pretty rusty on Hymnos. im pretty sure Yanje is forever though

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